RHCP: Magazine Scan Collection

We have a large collection of magazine scans (currently about 450) and news scans are added frequently. Only the magazines relating to Anthony personally or featuring him in detail/on the cover have been included on this site; the rest are hosted on The Chili Source


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  1. Dear Anthony Kiedis,

    I read your book “Scare Tissue” I was really impressed and I experienced it as a contemporary version of the book of Jack London’s “King Alcohol”.
    In short. I have my own views of life, and I wish to do an interview with You for my blog (https://vnedeljkovic.wordpress.com/)

    Best regards and thank in advance,

    Vladimir Nedeljkovic

    South seas (by Vladimir Nedeljkovic)

    There is nothing but the freedom
    There is nothing but the love
    I have nothing but my life
    I have nothing, just the night

    Break the walls, swim the rivers
    Fight for your freedom, for your love
    But one day, come back and tell me your story
    I will know, but never say sorry

    And if you put your head on my chest
    You will hear all my drums,
    all songs from the south seas
    I once called upon – scums

    Vladimir Nedeljkovic

  2. rachel lesniak says:

    wwwwoooooooowwwwww……..I just can not believe it…..guys u are sooooo amazing!!

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