The Chili Source

The Chili Source is is my other website which is dedicated to the band as a whole. There’s news on there, sections on other band members (all of the Anthony Kiedis info is on here), etc. And of course, it’s home to the bulk of my scan collection- over 440 magazine/newspaper articles about the band are scanned and online.


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  1. Catherine Frase says:

    Just read Anthony’s book and I loved it. I have always loved the chilli peppers but have a new found respect for the music. I could totally relate to Anthony’s struggle with addiction and relapse. I also fought the devil and won (just for today). I lost my 2o year old son to a freak accide in the height of my relapse. His last words to me was that I was a drunk. His last post was Life is not a read through. It lead me down a very very dark path of using. So glad to be free today. I am glad to see that Anthony is also free.

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