The Early 90s

The Chilis rise in popularity while over coming changing band personnel, etc. Anthony Kiedis develops as a singer.

Unknown date Japanese magazine featuring lots of photos of AK

1990s Metal Hammer Nice photos and long article

1990 February NME Band interviewed about Mother’s Milk while in tattoo studio

1990 June Kerrang! (292) Interview with Anthony Kiedis with several photos of the band

1991 November Rock and Folk (France)

1991 OOR (Dutch magazine) Sorry no translation but a few nice photos

1991 October Sky Magazine  ’History’ of the band; talking to Flea and Anthony Kiedis

1991 October Metal Hammer Interview with Anthony Kiedis (in his home) about Blood Sugar Sex Magik

1991 November Riff Raff Interview with Anthony Kiedis about Blood Sugar Sex Magik

1991 November Lime Lizard (UK) Weird interview with John Frusciante & Anthony Kiedis

1992 February Raw (90/91 Both numbers given on edition!)  Talking about a few dates RHCP played.

1992 February Kerrang! (381) Anthony Kiedis interviewed in Paris.

1992 March Hot Metal Several photos of RHCP although interview is with Anthony Kiedis alone; brief interview of little excitement- mentions Red Hot Chili Peppers leaving EMI

1992 April Vox Weird interview; supposedly to mark the release of Blood Sugar Sex Magik the band (mostly Anthony Kiedis) are interviewed at a show in Hamburg, Germany but the results are odd!

1992 May Kerrang! (393) Article about John Frusciante leaving- photo of AK wrongly labelled as John Frusciante!

1992 June Rolling Stone (633) The infamous cover with John Frusciante erased from a group photo; talks about band members and history of the band linked around the song ‘Under the Bridge’.

1992 July Details For Men Anthony Kiedis interview

1992 August The Face Beautiful cover shot of Flea & AK, in depth article and some nice photos

1992 August Entertainment Weekly (Canadian) Article talking about bands turning music industry upside down; RHCP briefly mentioned despite being on the cover

1992 August Kerrang! (404) Swimming pool interview with Arik Marshall

1992 October RAW (108) 12 page pull-out photo special

1992 November Kerrang! (929) Interview with the band members talking about being in the band.

1993 January Musician Interview mostly with Anthony but a small section at the end with Flea.

1993 August SPIN  Essentially a history of the band.

1994 January 22nd NME Snippet about Anthony Kiedis being dropped from an AIDS advert

1994 February Kerrang! (483)  7 page poster pull out with full page photos of Anthony Kiedis and Flea; brief article about Dave Navarro and him joining RHCP

1994 February Smash Hits  Large sock photo and some points about the band.

1994 April RAW (147) 16 page special pull put feature.

1994 April Rolling Stone (679) Interview with Anthony Kiedis: Confessions of sir Psycho Sexy- long interview and several iconic (full-page) photos.

1994 June Vogue incomplete clipping

1994 July Raw (153) interview with Dave Navarro but a nice photo of AK on the cover.

1994 August NME An in-depth history of the band article interspersed with quotes from members of the band.

1994 August Melody Maker Interview with Anthony Kiedis about sex, drugs and survival

1994 October Interview Magazine Interview with Anthony Kiedis

1994 November -December RAW (163) A 12 page pull-out feature on the Red Hot Chili Peppers with several double photos and two articles

1994 December – January 1995 RAW (165) RHCP featured a couple of times in passing during an overview of 1994. Small photo of AK on the cover.

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