01/1994 NME

Chili Pepper’s aid refused

Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis (above) has been censored by the US government who have ordered that an AIDS info ad featuring the singer be pulled.

The government raised objections over Kiedis’s conviction four years ago for indecent exposure at a concert at George Mason University, Virginia when Kiedis touched a woman’s face with his penis.

Kiedis was the star of a highly publicised radio ad which was launched at the beginning of January in which he urged young listeners to wear a condom, saying, “Remember, you can be naked without being exposed.”

Donna Shalala, a spokesperson for heath and human services within Clinton’s administration, told the LA Times that she was “outraged” to hear of Keidis’s history. She has since ordered the ad agency that came up with the campaign to give her a report detailing why it failed to take note of Kiedis’s background.

The ad was launched amid a widely-publicized change of heart among American TV networks who have agreed to broadcast AIDS public information films for the first time.

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