1995/07 Juice

I haven’t scanned the whole of this magazine; just the pictures and one page of the article text- it was a soundbite thing with quotes from a number of people and Anthony Kiedis and Flea got mentioned a couple of times.


Juice July 1995

Ruth Hessey and samantha Trenoweth eavesdrop on the boy talk for the 1995 juice summit on the state of modern masculinity in rock & roll

This is the truth about men, sex and rock & roll. Our panel of experts includes: Anthony Kiedis and Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers); Andrew Cox (the Fauves); Roy Slaven and HG Nelson (This Sporting Life, Club Buggery); Boy George; Nick Cave; Steve Kilbey (the Church); Justin Stanley (Electric Hippies); Joe Burnham and Phillip Forman (Supernaut); Noah Taylor; Jeff Duff (Kush, Duffo, Jeff Duff Orchestra); Jimi Hocking (Screaming Jets); David Johnstone (Ammonia) and Damien Lovelock (Wigworld, Celibate Rifles).



Anthony Kiedis (Red Hot Chili Peppers): “He was your basic semi-subversive underground hooligan playboy womaniser type of character and he definitely had a strong influence on me. He also had a library in the house and gave me books to read. He was very supportive of my education and my creative development.”


Jerking Off

Flea: (Red Hot Chili Peppers): “I’ve jacked off in several different porno theatres in Hollywood over the years. I used to go there, watch the movie, jack off on my stomach and wipe it off on my t-shirt.”


First Kiss

Anthony Kiedis: “My father had a constant turnover of girlfriends and I thought it was the greatest thing in the world to have all these beautiful; women come into my house and not be uptight about me hanging out with them and having sex with them. At a pretty early age, I fell in love with a girl and stayed with her for three years. So I wasn’t destined to do the same things as my father.”

Flea: “[I lost my virginity] at 14 with a girl who’d taken 12 Quaaludes and a quart of whisky.”


The Wild Thing

Anthony Kiedis “If your anus was a cocoon, and the most beautiful butterfly in the world was born out of your anus, that would be an orgasm.”

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