The start of a New Century!

Things moving from strength to strength with the release of By The Way, etc. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are now move to their rightful place as music icons with Kiedis firmly established as a vocalist and lyricist of renown.

2000 February Kerrang! (789) 6 page Review of the Big Day Out in Australia; section on Red Hot Chili Peppers & a few nice photos. AK on the cover.

2000 February Melody Maker  Article about RHCP. AK on the cover.

2000 April Rolling Stone (839) An in-depth interview with their band talking about their person relationships. (Rise Again)

2000 August Kerrang! (816) Interview with Anthony Kiedis ‘Last of the Mohicans’ with photos of him getting his head shaved.

2000 October Juice Anthony Kiedis talking about touring (on The Chili Source)

2000 December Interview Magazine Interview with Anthony Kiedis

2000 December Rolling Stone Anthony Kiedis is featured in the ‘Best people of the view’ section

2001 March Rock La Nouvelle Scene (France) Band on cover.

2001 June Kerrang! (859) Anthony Kiedis taking the plunge in a charity fundraiser for the Elizabeth Glazier Paediatric AIDS Foundation

2002 January Penthouse Interview with Anthony Kiedis

2002 February U-Wire Interview with Anthony Kiedis while he was at UCLA to also be interviewed by the students there.

2002 April Kerrang! 898 Photos of Anthony Kiedis and John Frusciante writing songs in LA’s Chateau Marmont Hotel May

2002 April UCLA interview with Anthony Kiedis

2002 Rolling Stone Random Notes: News update that RHCP have finished writing By The Way with photo of Anthony Kiedis & Rick Rubin working on the album at LA’s Chateau Marmont hotel

2002 May Rolling Stone (Spanish) One page article on Anthony- full page photo with small text box

2002 June Ice (183) Discussing 20th Anniversary of the band and the release of By The Way

2002 June Visions (Germany) Have cover and full transcript but not scans.

2002 July Kerrang! (911)Excellent photos and in-depth article about the band/their relationships (The Chili Peppers Bare All). The best AK cover photo?!

2002 July Meanstreet Interview with Anthony Kiedis discussing how he felt currently and the effect it had on the By The Way lyrics.

2002 July Tutto Italian magazine; full translation into English provided. In-depth interview about Californication. Great photos.

2002 July Rolling Stone (901) Q & A session with Anthony Kiedis

2002 July Q Magazine Detailed article.

2002 August Pulse Talking to the band backstage at Jonathan Ross Show

2002 August SPIN Interview talking about the childhood expereinces of the band, etc. and to the band members today about their new album

2002 August Classic Rock (43) An overview of the history of the band and a discussion of By The Way

2002 August Guitar World RHCP dressed like the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper cover to celebrate 35rd anniversary of the album

2002 August Total Guitar Interview with John Frusciante about guitar playing, etc. AK on the cover.

2002 October/November Complex Interview with Anthony Kiedis & Snoop Dogg

2002 October Kerrang! (924) Talking about The Zephyr Song with photos of AK.

2002 November (December) Beat Australian review of By The Way with an mention of a concert in Melbourne on December 1st.

2002 November 2nd Kerrang!  (928)  Interview about S. American concerts- Caracas- and the famous photos of Anthony Kiedis/the band on the top of a skyscraper. (Don’t Look Down)

2002 November Kerrang! (929) A Q & A session with the band

2002 December Kerrang! 935 A photo of Anthony Kiedis is featured in the photos of the year feature along with By The Way coming in at number 7 in the Kerrang! Critics best albums of the year.

2003 March Q Collectors Edition Interview with Anthony Kiedis

2003 March Metro Life Very brief history of the band

2003 April Q (201) RHCP were featured a couple of times in this edition- an interview  and Dave Navarro was included in a section on the most outrageous stars.

2003 August 16th Kerrang! (968)  In depth history of the band with some interesting (OK naked!) photos. 7 Guitarists, 3 Breakdowns, 1 Death)

2003 August Rolling Stone Backstage photos of members of RHCP by Anton Corbijn

2003 October The Sunday Times Culture Magazine On the Road with the Red Hot Chili Peppers

2003 November L’Uomo Anthony Kiedis feature

2003 November Kerrang! (980) Eight page poster pull-out.

2003 December RHCP Kerrang! Legends Edition

2003 ? Tribuna Araraquara (Brazil) Clipping-sorry no translation yet.

2003 ? Veja (Brazil) Needs English translation

2004 (?) Tour Program

2004 June Kerrang! (1009)  5 page live photo article

2004 June NME Review of German concert prior to Hyde Park and an article about the band.

2004 July Q 216  ‘Off duty’ photographs- no text (Last Action Heroes)

2004 July Mojo (128)  Really long article with loads of photos plus interviews with band members in their own homes; arranged as a history of the band. Also MOJO RHCP CD Red Hot Chili Peppers selected 15 tracks for a CD that was given away with this issue- article details their choices

2004 August MOJO (129) MOJO Awards ceremony; RHCP received & presented awards.

2004 October The Observer Music Monthly Extract from Scar Tissue

2004 October Associated Press Interview

2004 November GQ Review of Scar Tissue with a couple of quotes from the book

2004 November On the Record Guy Oseary Interview featuring AK

2004 December Q Review of Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis & snippet about RHCP video response to being voted ‘Best Act in the World’ by Q readers.

2004 Christmas Classic Rock (74) Extract from Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis.

2005 June Rolling Stone (Italia)

2005 July Q Article about Anthony Kiedis writing Under The Bridge

2005 September Kerrang! (1075) A-Z of the Chili Peppers

2005 October SPIN Interview with Anthony Kiedis

2005 September Tribe (Italia). Talking about the arrival of the new album

2005 November Classic Rock (86) 2 page Feature on the story behind ‘Under The Bridge’

2005 November Kerrang! (1084) An interview with Anthony Kiedis

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