06/2004: NME

Note: This magazine had a double cover with Morrissey on the outer carboard sleeve (for the free CD) and Anthony Kiedis on the inner (paper) one. The magazine is slightly larger than the scanner so I’ve scanned as much of the covers as I can and I’ve scanned the review page in two sections- one showing the whole photo of Anthony Kiedis and the other showing the column of writing.

5 Responses to 06/2004: NME

  1. ryan haines says:

    Is there another page to this double page spread that you have not uploaded? if so, can you upload it or send it to me please, as it would help with my English language college coursework.
    Regards, Ryan.

  2. admin says:

    I’d managed to miss the first two pages off- thank you for pointing that out!- althought the last, concert, page still begings with a missing letter ‘B’! (page 26 inbetween is a full page advert for Jack Daniels).

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