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Anthony Kiedis relaxes in Malibu and is accused of looking like a hobo or tramp

Anthony Kiedis relaxes in Malibu and is accused of looking like a hobo or tramp while article discusses Scar Tissue and Spider and Son

From Red Hot to not a lot: rocker Anthony Kiedis embraces hobo chic as he relaxes in the sun
By Sophie Forbes
He is meant to be one of the hottest rockers on the planet.But Red Hot Chili Peppers front man Anthony Kiedis was looking more like a scruffy homeless person this week as he relaxed in the sun with friends at the Country Mart in Malibu, California.The 47-year old musician was spotted wearing long gray combat shorts with thick woolly socks and hiking boots. Then on top he had on a t-shirt with a black coat and gray woolly hat – despite the warm Californian weather.

In contradiction to his warm weather attire, the singer was also swigging on an iced coffee and spent some time looking at and picking his nails.
Kiedis, who has fronted the multi platinum selling band, known as the Chilies, since they began in the late 1980’s, was born and raised in Los Angeles and spent much of his musical career writing lyrics about his experiences in the city.

The singer is even developing a show for HBO alongside his actor father, Blackie Dammett, about his unconventional upbringing in the City of Angels. The show is said to be loosely based on Kiedis’ autobiography, Scar Tissue, which went to the number one spot on the New York Times bestseller list when it was released in 2004.It is to be called Spider and Son and will center on the relationship between the famous rocker and his father who sold drugs and mingled with rock stars on the Sunset Strip, while attempting to become an actor in the late 60’s and 70’s.

Source: Daily Mail Online

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