The long-awaited and hopefully come back year for RHCP and therefore Anthony Kiedis as the Chilis plan to release their new album; originally Red Hot Chili Peppers’ drummer, Chad Smith, announced that the album was due out around June of this year but bassist, Flea, has recently tweeted saying that they are working hard to get it released by the end of the year. A couple of festival dates have been announced for the band so far this year.

The Music press has responded to this by including the new RHCP album in several ‘must hear’ in 2011 forthcoming album listings- only those mentioning Anthony Kiedis will be included here; if you would like to see more of the general reviews, they are posted on our sister site, The Chili Source.

Please keep checking back as we hope more articles on Anthony Kiedis will start to emerge soon as the post Stadium Arcadium hiatus ends!

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  1. blueberry glide says:

    I wish so freakin’ bad that their new album would come out TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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