2011 Anthony Kiedis Mentioned in Bob Forrest Interview

Bob Forrest Interview about ‘Bob and the Monster’

On The Green Room on Newstalk on Monday, Orla spoke to rock star turned addiction counsellor to the stars – Bob Forrest.  Bob was lead singer of 80′s rock band Thelonious Monster and a hero in a rock scene that produced bigger rock stars such as The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane’s Addiction.  Bob’s band seemed  poised for success until his addictions fully took hold and ultimately destroyed their chances.

Bob is now the subject of a new documentary, Bob And The Monster, which charts his journey from down and out rock star to addiction counsellor to the stars.  Bob talks to Orla about his own experiences and explains why stars like Courtney Love sought his advice on their own addiction problems.


There’s a very brief sound clip of Anthony talking at the start and at the end Bob names several musicians who have battled addiction to drugs & alcohol, who provide inspiration to younger musicians today, and AK is named as one of them; Bob also talks about how Anthony Kiedis helped him over come his own addiction by paying for rehab.

Transcript of section where Bob Forrest talks about Anthony Kiedis:

Orla (radio show host):  …There was a quote from  Anthony Kiedis of the Chili Peppers, who said he remembers you as lunatic; Bob Forrest the king of exaggerations, rumours and lies but even to use the term lunatic, it can be done in a  very friendly and endearing fashion, you know

Bob Forrest: Oh yes

Orla: You know like that’s Bob, we know Bob is probably going to be wasted but that’s the Bob we know and he’s still a good laugh and we still love him

Bob Forrest: Yeah that’s it; it’s like the amiable lunatic

Orla:  Yeah (both laugh)

Bob Forrest:  And you know there’s something, that when you’re as out of control and as kind of amiable as I was then, people always want to help and  they take care of you; I mean Anthony tried for a decade to help me and to get me .. and he paid for rehab; he probably paid for a third of the rehab (laughs), very kind guy.

Orla: Crickey..

Listen to interview Bob Forrest Mentioning Anthony Kiedis

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