03/2012 March Flair (Italia)

Many thanks to Rita Bussetta for buying this magazine and posting it to me 😀 We know there are a lot of inaccuracies in this article and they don’t appear to be just from the translation as both Rita and another Italian friend have confirmed that the interview  contains many mistakes in the original (it seems that this has been put together using old interviews-and photographs- rather than a new interview with Anthony Kiedis himself).

Google Translation:

“Other than Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga … Anthony Kiedis, leader of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the living legend of music. Of course, then, to go indennetra drugs, sex, and toured civuola physicist. But he has it As has potutoverificare flair, thanks to an arm wrestle.

In the bedroom of a luxury hotel in Barcelona, including bottles of juice and a vitamin phosphorescent butsudan or Buddhist altar from the trip, I did stand-off with Anthony Kiedis, the leader of the Red Hot Chili Peppers … He, the star of the rock band unleashed the most ulitimi twenty years he has sold sixty million albums-the latest is titled as the current tour I’m With You, however, suspended until March 29 because its Kiedis, after ‘interview (but I have not tripped me!), has fractured his right foot-has won six Grammy Awards and, especially, has always led a reckless life between drugs and sex. I snuck into his room-thanks to some amigos who know him-and then we went to the bar to continue our challenge. However, in front of several witnesses, I was lying with two moves of the muscular becipite right, chewing gum, like tofu. He kept staring at me, with her round eyes that seem supernatural color additives. I, however, I was particularly impressed by tatuggi peeking from the red t-shirt with the logo “RHCP”.

Doing a little ‘accounts, those facts and draw it?
– “I think ten of tigers, birds, carp … I harbor below my zoo, pet my pet and not have to feed them, they gather with their bag bisognini. In fact, I could organize an art exhibition with my body, is not it? ”

Certainly, many would come to visit-or better-a lot of fans … Which of his tattoos and more affectionate?
– “For the” Indian leaders “on his forearms, and the hawk spreads the wings on his back. I read that and a bird sacred to the Aztecs or the” bearer of thunder “carved on the totem of the Dakota Indians. But you have to ask Hank Schiffmacher ( famous “tattoo artist” Dutch, Ed) that drew me in Amsterdam, during the first tour. And, having to do between a date and the other, it took eighteen months. ”

Aging, if the will make clear? Could undermine imbrazzo …
– “A rock star does not age! Embarrassment? What do you want it to be a tattoo for a band that took the stage and also naked, with the exception of socks …”

Okay, you feel eternal. But to counteract the effects of time passing, however, adopt some strategy?
– “I’m vegetarian 80s and, lately, even vegan. And I once happened to witness the slaughter of a cow. What atrocity must undergo an animal to satisfy the appetite of those fat men who eat hamburgers!”

What for her rock and roll?
– “It’s like surfing in Malibu. Once you have tested those who can not stop, there are large waves, sometimes you have to wait for them at the turn of the table at times you hear them coming, or suddenly overwhelm you. The energy E pure state .. One day, a few months ago, a boy and if I stopped before, saying: “I’m with you, I’m with you.” I chose those words como title. This is the rock . ”

Choosing among the greats of the past, performing with such artists vorrebe?
– “Iggy Pop and then singers of the Psycho Sluts, Deep Purple, the Turtles. And Blondie … 60s, 70s. 80s. I have them all on my iPod.

What can not bear life on tour?
– “Not being able to have breakfast with my son (Everly Bear, 4 years, had with the British model Heather Christie, ed). He always asks me to tell fairy tales, and gets angry if they are too short. If you have been around for concerts , I call on the phone as soon as you awake, but not the same thing. ”

And how can you manage the relationship with Everly Bear, as he is always on tour?
“No, not true, and which are not always around … Everly concerts and a magic and wonder why a being so pure and good has happened to me despite the mess I’ve made in life. I try to educate them in best way possible, and to dedicate more time. For him I can no longer afford to make mistakes. However, children should be grown in full freedom and respect of their natural aptitudes. I was sent to 11 years in school to become a marine biologist on an island the Bahamas, but when I told my father I wanted to be a musician, encouraged me. ”

How does being a year on tour without stopping?
– “I work out, run, do yoga (the Vispassana, a popular form of Indian meditation, ed). Buddhism helps me to have a relationship with a more healthy mind and body. For the tour, however, are accustomed to. If I were to do behalf of all nights spent in hotels in my life, my tattoos multiplying percent … ”

What makes the days “off” concerts?
– “I read, especially Cormac McCarthy. Its Border Trilogy and adrenaline for me … Then, I go in search of the paintings of Robert Williams (artist and cartoonist from California who decorates with psychedelic images even surfboards, sports Kiedis practica early age, Ed.) I own a good collection. Or, rather, unless I really have nothing to do, just sleep. ”

She and a friend of bassist Flea since high school, the Fairfax High School in Los Angeles. How ruiscite still get along?
– “For me he is “brother Flea “… We were also led away in the past, but because of the drug. How LSD together! Our secret and basketball, we are fans of the” Lakers “, even if we do not have the most posts close to Jack Nicholson and watch the matches on TV. You know that we were the first to do balconing, which is so fashionable. We were tearing at the pool directly from the windows of a building. ”

She and tied to his father John (former actor with the stage name of Blackie Dammett and musician with the Spider, often in trouble for selling drugs, as well as accused of having Started his son to marijuana and cocaine). He holds to his judgment and odd for a rock star and transgressive by definition …
– “If you talk to my father, after five minutes you would realize that the person is man, whose best friend and was as a singer Sonny Bono, who attended Marlon Brando and the great music of the ’70s, when drugs and highs were considered a good thing. I carried around in California with his “Austin Healey convertible.” And a man was psychedelic. This year also published his biography … Now, however, responds to our fan on Facebook. “Today she has that relationship with drugs?
“I do not take drugs I drink since 2000 and I must say that I do not care even if nothing more, as every person who was addicted and have money, I know I can fall into temptation … I started at age eleven. Once stole the car to my mother and I schiantai to 140 kilometers per hour, but even that head injury made me realize that I was already smashing the brain with heroin. ”

But it’s so hard to ‘stay clean’ for a rock star?
– “The state was already in 1988, when I stopped after the death of our guitarist Hillel Slovak from a drug overdose killed. I drogai for five years but then I relapsed. And I smoked practically everything. Every day was a battle for heal, that I fought for my son and for me. ”

She has always been the mood of the band. Invent your own haircuts?
– “I’m alone. I’m not a female that goes dall’hair stylist … I have some experience of look. Now I want this hair cut short with a fringe on the right and left. Porto large colored glasses, which help me also see each other better. upper lip and goatee give me looking a bit ‘intellectual. ”

She falls in love easily?
– ‘It is difficult to recognize true love, what you can prove that you and against you, when for years the girls, even more than one every night after the concerts, s’intrufolavano in our beds and were willing to anything – including group sex-just to be with Anthony Kiedis and the Red Hot … ”

Voul say that now, for example in this tour does not happen more?
– “Sure, and more rare than the shows that were going to be …”

So groupie that there are still chasing?
– “Well ‘you are the biggest of the time. Anyway, now I realize if I make love to me and I enjoy most. Then I was like that in the morning even remember the faces of girls who were with me.”

I understand, but also a rock star can meet a person who, outside the sexual routine, let him fall in love. On the other hand, his biography says that recently, and engaged to British singer Beth Jeans Houghton …
– “The stereotypes about me-especially the singer’s drug addict who thinks only women go to bed-die hard. It is rare that a woman Seize look ahead and think about the person behind this reputation, although in the past I have given a strong impetus for creating it. For the rest, “no comment”. ”

Like the one with Cher, when she was a kid?
– “My father asked me to baby-sit one evening. She went into the bathroom to change into. I, already a bit ‘Curious, I asked if I could be with her and watched her. Then, we went back to my room and made the ‘love. I was thirteen. ”

Its current state of mind, a few months by fifty years?
– “Allegro. Because we are a band in full form! Just look ‘these muscles seem to adolescents. Want a rematch at arm wrestling?”

OK. But use the arm with the tattoo of the carp, not the one with the tiger.

– “The Left? What a coward!”


ROCKSTAR AND “INVESTIGATOR”. In life, Kiedis is generous. Indulging various sins …

1. PRIDE intends to spend his last days in Lithuania, “the only pease when you get old in a manner worthy.” Meanwhile, however, has recently given a villa in New Zealand.

2. GREED and is told in a “juicy” autobiography, Scar Tissue, including but not talkative. Enough to prohibit members of the family, especially his son, to read it. “Too personal, I am ashamed.”

3. LUST has taken the virginity at age 12, in a party organized by his father, where he had holed out. His “initiator” is 18 years old. And the rocker has defined the experience as “the most formative of a whole school year.”

4. ENVY Someone like him (and even that went around only covered by a sock on his penis …), and moved with the film is Justin Bieber. “In the plane I saw Never Say Never and I cried twice. I want the world to know!” ”

5. THROAT He’s an unsuspecting magician of the kitchen. He won the ‘current girlfriend, Beth Jeans Houghton, thanks to a vegetarian dinner.

6. Among the many IRA, has done even a brawl at the Fashion Show Jenny Kayne, in Los Angeles. To infuriate him, lack of access to the backstage. It took eight bodyguards to stop it.

7. SLOTH has had an “addiction” for three years by sex online. It healed thanks to the relationship with model Heather Christie, who forced him (who knows how) to starccarsi from PC.”

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