Anthony Kiedis wrote (with the help of Larry Sloman- they previously worked together on AK’s autobiography’Scar Tissue’) the introduction to Fandemonium- a photo book of RHCP fans by David Mushegain who accompanied the Red Hot Chili Peppers on most of the tour to promote the ‘I’m With You’ album. The book has just gone on general release if anyone is interested in buying a copy for themselves.

Here are a few photos of the introduction:

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  1. Mari-Cruz says:

    “I’m a huge fan of kindness.” I’m deeply touched by these words.

  2. Mari-Cruz says:

    “Of all the weird shit that we all experience, when I actually see true kindness being exhibited, it makes me well up with emotion, it’s just the craziest thing. Pure kindness, with no ulterior motive, that just knocks me out.”

    I’ve just found the full text in Google Books.

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