Dear Anthony Kiedis (Agony Aunt)

letter in agony aunt column to Anthony Kiedis RHCP


Q: I just moved to a new city, and my boyfriend, who stayed
behind, wants to do the long distance thing. Can guys really do that without
cheating? Can I? –Kelly 26, New York

A: it depends on the degree of honesty you’ve established. Half
the people I know are dishonest and do cheat. Guys may cheat more, but of
course we can be faithful. You’re the only person who knows if your boyfriends
is a man of integrity or if he’s another selfish bastard. Cheating isn’t even
the bad part- it’s the lying that destroys the whole point of being with
somebody. If either of you wants to sleep with other people, then have that be
the way your relationship goes. It’s better than being a liar. If you’re truly
in love, no distance is going to kill the relationship. But then why move in
the first place? I’ve started relationships between L.A. and New York, and in
the end, whoever’s more flexible career wise has to concede their location. Communication
is a delicate art form, and it’s difficult over the phone. Lastly, advice is
something you ask for when you already know the answer. So listen to the voice
inside your head, and don’t take advice from strangers, especially guys in rock


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