Heather & AK in Paris/Upset Fan


Anthony Kiedis
Il n’est pas de la race des signeurs. En sortant au bras de sa belle d’un hotel de Milan, le leader des Red Hot Chili Peppers a envoyé paître avec dédain une fan qui attendait depuis des heures pour un autographe. Elle a fondu en larmes. Elle a raison, c’est à pleurer.

Anthony Kiedis
It is not the race of signers. Leaving a Milan hotel on the arm of his girlfriend, the leader of the Red Hot Chili Peppers unanswered a fan who had waited for hours for an autograph disdainfully. She burst into tears. She’s on the right, crying.

2 Responses to Heather & AK in Paris/Upset Fan

  1. Mari-Cruz says:

    I feel deeply sorry for this fan.
    But the fact is that Mr. Kiedis likes a little bit of privacy, as he himself stated.

  2. Mari-Cruz says:

    In “Fandemonium” Mr. Kiedis makes it clear why he’s not keen on autographs or pictures:

    “I wouldn’t have asked him for an autograph, because my idea of showing love is to give him his space.”

    “Every human being on Planet Earth now carries around a camera in their phone, and all they want is proof that they saw you so they can put it on their social media outlets, but they don’t want to have any actual loving, warm encounter.”

    And this makes all sense.

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