Cover Star

On a cover of a magazine….

The original intention was to add every magazine cover I have that features Anthony Kiedis but there are so many of them! Instead this will be a selection of them.

Please note: It has cost a lot of time, effort and money to collect & upload these back issues (so please do not copy them to another website without a credit/ link back to this site or remove the site logo).  Thank you!

Due to issues on Instragram I’ve been  forced to remove most of the attached full sized scan images so now only thumbnails are currently visible. It wasn’t a decision I took likely but as a result of ongoing lack of respect and one case of incredible rudeness. I was told (incorrectly) that by posting the scans, they became free for use on other sites with the logo removed as they now belonged to the person who had copied them and they could do as they wished . I removed the full sized images as a result to protect my collection. 







































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