1993 Anthony Kiedis Hosts MTV Live & Loud (Nirvana)

Date: Concert took place on 13th December 1993

Broadcast: New Years Eve 1993.

Location: Pier 48 in Seattle, Washington

Show: MTV Live and Loud

Band: Nirvana

Hosts: Anthony Kiedis & Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers; the pair dressed up to host the show. Most famously Kiedis and Flea dressed in drag, with AK wearing a black mini skirt, cropped blue t-shirt top and a long, auburn wig; they also dressed up as old men trying to row their way to the concert in a boat and according the the Film Magic photos (screen cap provided)* of the event, they also dressed as Jews but this isn’t featured on the video footage available.

Film Magic

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