1993 Details: Changing Fashion Video

This video went with a photo spread in an edition of Details magazine from 1993. Photos from it had been on the internet for a while (there are some on the site here) but a rough cut of the video itself was only posted on YouTube fairly recently.  It features Anthony Kiedis, Debbie Harry and Sofia Coppola whom AK dated (They seem to have dated in 1992 using references in Scar Tissue- maybe this was recorded then and released a little while later?).

Note: The video states it’s a rough cut rather than the final movie.


The plot appears to be that Anthony Kiedis is a singer and Debbie Harry is his promoter who has booked a gig at a club for him (which he’s reluctant to play). Sofia Coppola is his girlfriend. They all run around the streets of New York like crazy dodging in and out of various establishments with Harry trying to get Kiedis to perform at that night’s gig. All with frequent scenes of Kiedis dressing and undressing…

The film starts with Debbie Harry parking outside CBGB [a legendary, now closed, club in New York) in NYC and running across to a flat. The next shot inside the flat shows Anthony Kiedis asleep on the sofa with Sofia Coppola:


Harry is putting up posters for a concert as she goes along. She goes into the flat, which is full of people crashing everywhere, and makes her way to the couch where AK and SC are sleeping. She wakes Kiedis up by playing music loudly (RHCP’s ‘Me and My Friends’) and throwing a handful of the posters at him. She then starts chucking clothes at him. It looks like she’s saying “Come on!” to him and he seems to be saying, “No” but you can’t hear any vocals due to the music.

Anthony Kiedis finally accepts a pair of trousers, puts them on…


… and then sniffs each of his armpits in turn! (Whatever!)


He then takes off those trousers (DH is nagging him and making ‘Let’s go! Hurry up!’ kind of comments still) and puts on another pair:


He takes a top off a woman who’s sleeping on the floor (and now topless.. of course!) while DH continues to hassle him:


DH drags Anthony Kiedis off the sofa and he drags SC along with him. The next scene shows the pair running down a street being chased by DH who’s having issues with her stilettos. DH catches up with them after they sit  down on a sofa on the pavement drinking coffee with a tramp (as you do!) and drags them to look at a rail of clothes which is also in the street by them:


Harry pulls off AK’s top and gives him a jumper to try on off the rail… repeat… repeat with Kiedis sticking his tongue out to show his displeasure with the clothes! All of this is watched by two drag queens (in above picture).


Anthony Kiedis eventually ends up topless after refusing to wear the tops he is offered. DH then insists he try on a different pair of trousers…Cue more undressing (think this really might have been an advert for CK underpants!)


…And another pair of trousers. By now the drag queens are drooling over the sight of AK’s body. Eventually Kiedis gets dressed. He and SC seize the chance to run off while DH is looking the other way. DH then follows them.

The scene changes to inside a club, Anthony Kiedis and SC run through the club until they get to the mixing desk and AK stands behind it. DH comes in and makes her way to where the couple are and pulls Kiedis from behind the desk- he runs onto the stage and starts headbanging wildly and jumping around on stage with the band that’s playing (another RHCP song ‘Nobody Weird Like Me’ is the song actually being played)  along with SC who’s joined him onstage. DH is walking around the club giving out cards with a question mark on them (no idea why!). Anthony Kiedis and SC spot a door and run through it. They run down the street and end up playing guitar with a group of people in a guitar shop:


DH catches up with them again and pulls the guitar off Anthony Kiedis before dragging him out.


They go down a street and she takes Anthony Kiedis into a barbers:


DH starts indicating that she wants a lot of hair cut off and then she spots a skinhead and points to him  indicating that’s how she wants AK’s hair to be. The mad barber is clearly loving the prospect of cutting off his hair but Kiedis isn’t so happy!


Meanwhile SC  leaves the guitar shop and goes looking for them. She finds them just as the barber is about to make the first cut and rescues Anthony Kiedis. The two race down the street.

[The movie has no continuation here but it is the rough cut and not the final version so maybe something was omitted? Think more undressing might have been lost because AK is wearing a purple suit in the next scenes].

The next scene shows the pair in the back of a car being driven by DH- the car is pulling a trailer full of drag queens (totally normal!). You see DH, Anthony Kiedis and SC walking through a club before sitting down at a table


A drag queen is performing on stage- singing a weird opera style vocal to a heavy metal backing- and it’s awful! Another drag queen gets onto the stage and punches the singer before gesturing to Anthony Kiedis to get onto the stage to sing which he does:


After a few mins, two drag queens join him. While Anthony Kiedis is performing and distracted by the drag queens, DH and SC start kissing… AK then notices them:



He then starts taking off his clothes to throw at them (again as you do! Stripping off is a standard response to being angry… Umm!)


He strips to his underpants, jumps off the stage and runs out of the club. SC and DH just shrug and carry on. You see Anthony Kiedis run down the street:



Then some people (the drag queens from the club?) chase him and the film ends with that chase down the street.

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  1. Ed says:

    “They run down the street and end up playing guitar with a group of people in a guitar shop”

    Those people are Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore, from Sonic Youth.

    Also, the 2 drag queens who help pick the clothes are Varla Merman and Flotilla DeBarge. Varla is the one singing the operatic metal song later.

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