Animals Asia


In 2015, Anthony Kiedis, along with some other celebrities such as Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, took part in an advert campaign for Animals Asia. The Animals Asia’s “Let a Bear Sh!t in the Woods”campaign was aimed at putting an end to the  practice of bear bile farming in China and Vietnam. There was also a video which was directed by Shaina Danziger. Photographs were taken by Katarina Benzova.

All photos and donation links can be seen on the Animals Asia website.



Anthony Kiedis opens the video as the narrator but is continually interrupted. The first interruptions are by a make-up artist who puts some bear ears on his head before returning seconds later and adding a black dot on his nose. Kiedis resumes, but is then interrupted by Ozzy Osbourne who does his best bear impression while walking through the set along with his wife, Sharon, who apologizes profusely for the interruption. Anthony shakes his head, throws his script over his shoulder and walks off set. The video continues with cameos by other famous people and a number of models plus a song by Moby…

Screenshots from Video


animals-asia-anthony-kiedis-1 animals-asia-anthony-kiedis-2 animals-asia-anthony-kiedis-3 animals-asia-anthony-kiedis-5


Anthony Kiedis with model Courtney Money