Yohanna Logan & Shawn

Shawn was the clothing label set up by Anthony’s then girlfriend, Yohanna Logan (Claire Essex in later editions of Scar Tissue), whom he dated on/off between 1998 – 2002. Shawn was apparently Logan’s nickname.

The website does not seem to have been updated since 2007

The website does not seem to have been updated since 2007

While dating, Anthony Kiedis paid for her to return to school- the Fashion Institute of Technology. When Logan finished her studies, she moved to LA to live with Kiedis and he helped her set up in business:

“Anthony and Yohanna had moved from their Mediterranean West Hollywood penthouse into an old house with lots of personality off Mulholland in a celestial cliff overlooking the clouds. Anthony set her up in business designing clothes, and she had a nifty office and workspace in the quaint home. A loyal boyfriend, he wore her gear to perform in…”

‘Lords of the Sunset Strip: An Autobiography’ By Blackie Dammett; page 351


To show his support for his girlfriend’s venture, Kiedis modelled an outfit of her clothes- including a red kilt- on the catwalk of her (fall) 2003 show. The show took place on 3rdApril, 2003 during L.A. Fashion Week and was hosted by Playstation.

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    I have been feeling extremely curious about why they broke up. Do you know?

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