Anthony Kiedis at YSL Beauty Launch

Anthony Kiedis attended the YSL Beauty launche for the new Fragrance ‘Mon Paris’ at Cafe Le Georges on June 14, 2016 in Paris, France.

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Anthony Kiedis 2016: France (TV Show Concert)


 Credit: Henrik Lewandowski

UPDATED: Full show can be seen HERE

Anthony Kiedis was recorded performing for the Red Hot Chili Peppers in France on Tuesday (14th June) for a TV show which was shown today (16th June).

Live Performance Date: 14th June 2016

TV release: 16th June 2016 on Canal+

Location: Studios SFP.


Set List



Dark Necessities
Give It Away
We Turn Red
The Longest Wave
Nobody Weird Like Me
The Getaway
Go Robot
By The Way


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Dark Necessities Video!

The video for RHCP’s ‘Dark Necessities’ single is now out. It only appears to be on the band’s Facebook page so I can’t currently embed it (will do so when I can).

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Snippet from a Radio X Interview with Anthony Kiedis

Anthony Kiedis saved a baby during Carpool Karaoke.

A snippet from an interview with Anthony Kiedis by Chris Moyles for Radio X

You can see the brief extract HERE


Chris Moyles: So obviously everyone has been watching the carpool karaoke you did with James Corden

Anthony Kiedis: We also had a dance off which they didn’t include.

Chris Moyles: Oh, really?

Anthony Kiedis: But we had a glorious dance off; after the wrestle off we had a dance off which led to a very interesting, unscripted moment.

Chris Moyles: Oh I bet.

Anthony Kiedis: We danced off. We tied and we were going to celebrate with some Mexican food on the corner. And a woman came out of the house holding her child. Saying, “My baby. My baby. My baby can’t breathe. My baby’s having a…

Chris Moyles: Are you serious?

Anthony Kiedis: Yes. We all ran across the street. The lady trust her baby into my arms. The baby was not breathing and I thought I’m going to do a little baby CPR real quick to see if I can get some air into this kid. Tried to open the mouth; shut like locked shut. So I started rubbing the belly. Bubbles came out of the mouth; eyes rolled back into place. The ambulance showed up. I handed the baby over and it was now breathing and fine and we went back to carpool karaoke.

Chris Moyles: Are you serious?

Anthony Kiedis: I’m serious.

Chris Moyles: Wow!

Anthony Kiedis: It was kind of a beautiful thing we stopped for the dance off.

Chris Moyles: Otherwise, of course, yeah.

Anthony Kiedis: We were there. The baby needed help, we were there.

Chris Moyles: Look at you! That’s incredible. Superdad

Anthony Kiedis: When you’re a dad and somebody yells my baby, you drag (?) across the street.

Chris Moyle: So you rubbed the tummy…

Anthony Kiedis: Rubbed the tummy and the bubbles came out. Yes. The little baby looked at me the whole time until the ambulance guy came. [Name: Nema?]. Little baby ? I’m gonna knock on the door when I get home.

Chris Moyles: Amazing

Presenter: What a hero

Chris Moyles: What a thing to have done

Anthony Kiedis: No hero. No hero. Just a dance off. It ended with a seizure baby.




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Rolling Stone Article with interview clips

rolling stone pre-show ritual

Rolling stone is running an article about the band’s pre-show warm ups which has a short interview with each member of the band. You can read the article here

Video transcripts:

QUESTION: What’s your ritual?
Anthony Kiedis: The physicality of our shows is such there’s no way you’re going to make that happen without preparation and because I sing loud for two hours during a show I have to spend a lot of time getting my voice together with the right food, with the right warm ups and then I have to run or stretch or do push-ups or wrestle Flea or something to get my blood flowing. You can’t go from zero to 100 miles per hour without preparing. So I have to eat three hours before so I have protein in my blood stream but so that I won’t vomit all over the microphone because if I eat right before I play, I’m not keeping it down. It’s too intense; it’s like paying an entire basketball game, or something, while you’re singing or playing instruments. And there’s also a certain headspace that you have to get into, which we all kind of gravitate into one room about fifteen minutes before we go on and we listen to some music together. It could be anything; it could be funkadelic, it could be Patty Smith, it could be anything but we kinda get together and get on the same wavelength. And Josh is incessantly warming up and Flea is incessantly warming up and Chad shows up in his jumpsuit and starts tapping the sticks. And everyone has to have their bones and their tissues and their thoughts warm and stimulate and together for us to take the stage and get off on the right foot. You know, we can’t do it cold or show up late. It literally takes hours to get ready. And sometimes you’re more ready than others and sometimes there’s nerves and sometimes something bad happens right before you go on but you have to be able to deal with all of that and put it aside. You could be sick, you could be hurt, you could be upset, you could be in a fight with your girlfriend, maybe you didn’t sleep, whatever, you have to get it together for that moment.

Flea: We all have different things that we do. I mean I have a real specific ritual. I warm up playing bass for like an hour. I stretch, I run around the arena you know to get my blood flowing, I meditate, I pray. I’m pretty intense about it.

Chad Smith: I don’t have a real… umm. I think Flea and Anthony have a real, it’s 6.45 I’m gonna do this, at 7.30 I’m going do that and then I’m going to [mimes playing bass]. Yeah, I’m kinda like, I don’t like to get to the show too early; those guys will show up early like four hours before the gig … [mumbling]. Whatever works. For me I like to get there about an hour and a half before, and I like to watch some of the band before and I like to have a look at the crowd and hang…(?) and look around a bit. And I get something to eat and I just warm up and we’re lucky and fortunate to have instruments backstage to get the blood flowing. I think the best way to perform is to be relaxed. I want to be excited to play. I don’t really get nervous because if I was nervous I wouldn’t know what I was going to be doing. I’m excited but I want to be relaxed because when you’re relaxed you play best (?). And just connect with the other guys. So just hang out, talk, listen to music. Whatever. I don’t have a [makes chopping gesture with hand] thing.

Josh Klinghoffer: I don’t have that much of a ritual. I ..umm… I warm up my voice now because I see the difference when I do and when I don’t so I try to do that. What else? I try to play as much as I can. Play guitar throughout the day. Warm up my voice, try no longer to entertain guests coz that takes more out of me than playing three shows. Especially at this early stage of a tour as you have friends come, family come to the shows and they want to spend time with you and they don’t necessarily understand what you have to go do; expel the physical and the psychological energy… Our crew and everyone who works with this band, is such a great person who has such much positivity thing that they bring to it and everyone does such an amazing job, that in a show, at a show that it’s hard not just to feel joy.

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Anthony Kiedis Live 2016: Novarock


Photo Credit: Henrik Lewandowski


Date: Sunday 12th June, 2016

Location: Pannonia Fields, near Nickelsdorf, Austria



Photo Credit: Henrik Lewandowski

Set List:

01 Can’t Stop

02 Dani California

03 Scar Tissue

04 We Turn Red

05 Snow (Hey Oh)

06 Ethiopia

07 Nobody Weird Like Me

08 Dark Necessities

09 She’s Only 18

10 Tell Me Baby

11 The Getaway

12 Californication

13 By The Way


14 Under The Bridge

15 Give It Away



Photo Credits: Henrik Lewandowski

 Csenge’s Notes from the Show

There was actually a pretty nice one-man show from Josh after the comeback (before Under the Bridge). He and Chad was on stage and Josh started to play and sing (!) Tonight (an Iggy Pop – David Bowie song)

Earlier, after Nobody Weird Like Me, Anthony asked Josh whether he knew the song Rain by The Beatles. (It was a rainy day – you never knew whether it started to rain or not – but fortunately during the show it was not raining ) anyway, Josh started to play and sing the song Rain :)

She’s Only 18 and Tell Me Baby were quite a surprise. It was a really great show! I loved every minute of it.


Many thanks to Csenge Hatala for the information & Henrik Lewandowski for the pictures



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Red Hot Chili Peppers Carpool Karaoke

No words…. Best thing EVAH!!!!

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Anthony Kiedis to Guest on Jay Leno’s Garage

Season Two of “Jay Leno’s Garage” is set to return on Wednesday June 15th (10 p.m. ET/PT) with 12 one-hour episodes featuring amazing vehicles and  celebrity guests including a certain Anthony Kiedis!

We’re not sure which episode Anthony will be on- it  doesn’t read like it’s the first one as he isn’t mentioned in the description for the first episode and my friend (thanks Angra!) has checked LA TV listings and she can’t find him listed for this week but he could be… Obviously we will update if we find out more.

In the season premiere, Jay explores the wild designs and cutting-edge technology behind the world’s most coveted vehicles: supercars. He negotiates his way into Robert Herjavec’s iconic Countach, learns why Nick Cannon likes to drive slow in his Ferrari, gets an exclusive look at an ultra-powerful Koenigsegg mega car, and tests comedian Alonzo Bodden’s car knowledge… all to find out if these high-priced vehicles are really worth all the hype.

Additional celebrity appearances this season include Jerry Seinfeld, Patrick Dempsey, Tim Allen, Dan Aykroyd, reality stars Caitlyn and Kendall Jenner, country superstar Brad Paisley, Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis, singer and TV personality Kelly Rowland, comedians David Spade and Jeff Dunham and NASCAR’s Joey Logano, among others.


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Message from Anthony

Anthony Kiedis is getting closer to social media… If only! :) But this message has been posted on the band’s Instagram page:

I’m taking it back. I’m taking it over. Red Hot Chili Peppers. Josh. Flea. Chad. Myself. We made a record. New tour. Be with us.

and thats whats up

A video posted by Red Hot Chili Peppers (@chilipeppers) on



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Anthony Kiedis Live 2016: Pinkpop

The Red Hot Chili Peppers headlined the Pinkpop Festival


Date: Friday 10th June

Location: Landgraaf, The Netherlands


Photo Credit: Henrik Lewandowski

such a rad show tonight homies … #PinkPop #Holland @chilipeppers #AK

A video posted by David Mushegain (@davidmushegain) on

Set List:


Photo Credit: Henrik Lewandowski

1 Can’t Stop
2 Dani California
3 Scar Tissue
4 We Turn Red
5 Snow ((Hey Oh))
6 The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie
7 Nobody Weird Like Me
8 Dark Necessities
9 Wet Sand
10 Right On Time
11 The Getaway
12 Californication
13 By The Way

14 Soul To Squeeze
15 Give It Away

Many thanks once again to Henrik for this information!


‘We Turn Red’ was played live for the first time.


Anthony Kiedis played bass!  A jam opened with Chad Smith playing drums and AK picked up a bass! Josh was on guitar and Flea was on keyboards

Video Full Concert:

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