Anthony Kiedis: Citizens of Humanity Cover

I read that Anthony Kiedis had been photographed for Citizens of Humanity a while back but no photograph had surfaced. However, it’s been released today and Anthony is on one of the covers of their current magazine (Issue N08)- the issue  features two covers; one of Anthony and the other of Yoko Ono.


If anyone can get the magazine, could you please confirm if Anthony Kiedis is just on the cover (the blurb accompanying the photo doesn’t say there is an interview but as he’s on the cover it might be a given)?
Scans/ a copy of the magazine (will pay for the magazine and postage through PayPal if anyone could kindly get me a copy) would be really appreciated! Thanks.


Many thanks to my friend or the link.

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Happy New Year


Wishing all of you health, happiness and peace for 2016! And hopefully a Red Hot year with RHCP concerts and the expected new album!

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Anthony Kiedis in Hawaii

Just Jared are running a number of (very similar) photos of Anthony Kiedis in Hawaii on Monday 28th December.


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More Scans Added!

Many thanks to the lovely Claire in France who sent me five magazine scans!

HardNHeavy-page-0The article (according to my very basic French!) is about a possible split in RHCP but as Anthony Kiedis is on the cover, I’ve added it to this website. Hard N Heavy July 1996 (France)

Trihe-Sept05-page-0Again Anthony Kiedis is featured on the cover while the article is about the new album… from 2005 (Italia)

Also added on The Chili Source are:


Rock & Folk from 1995 (France) A lengthy interview with the band talking about One Hot Minute; several full page photos

Guitare 1995 (France) an article about RHCP featuring Flea and Dave Navarro heavily.

In Rock from 2004 (Japan). A two page article but no idea what it’s about!


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New Magazine Scans Added

I treated myself to a couple of back issue magazines for Christmas. One is from Germany, Fachblatt Musikmagazin (November 1995). It’s an article about One Hot Minute.

The other is from France and it contains a lengthy history of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, a discography and band members section which obviously includes Anthony Kiedis. The magazine is called Guitar Collector’s and is from July-August 1996.


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Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone who celebrates has a peaceful and joyous Christmas.

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Zane Lowe Interview with Danger Mouse- Info on new Album


Danger Mouse, who is producing the new Red hot Chili Peppers’ album, was interviewed by British radio presenter, Zane Lowe, and during that interview he made a few comments about the album.

You can hear the snippets about the Chili Peppers’ album HERE. I’ve transcribed most of the interview- the end was them overlapping so I’ve just paraphrased the main parts of it.

Transcript: Zane Lowe Interviews Danger Mouse about the New RHCP Album:

Zane Lowe: So you’ve been in the studio. You’ve been working on the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ album.

Danger Mouse: Yeah.

ZL: I’ve known those guys a long time. I’m sure they won’t mind a few words. How’s that going?

DM: It’s going really, really well. We kinda got really  going with it in September and we’ve been at it since then. I mean it’s lots and lots of music. It’s right up the street, you know, from here so getting to do it in my studio which is always good; for me anyway [laughter]. But it’s been going really well and we really hit it off and I know them too, with Gnarls Barkley , we toured with them for a couple of months so it’s good to work with people you know. And I didn’t know how it was going to work or fit either. Just because they do a very specific thing, but they want to do something different as well and I do like what they do so, I’m just wasn’t sure they’re going to like what I do.

ZL: I’m a lifelong fan of so for me coming back of a…

DM: Thank you

ZL: You’re welcome. So the Chili peppers too have done very well for themselves [laughs] but you know [laughs] but coming back of such a large body of work last time and then a big break and where they’re at, I can imagine them being in a very open minded place

DM: Yeah,  it has been. It’s all them. They’re just amazing players. The taste in what we’re trying to do …[?]… it’s something where we’re definitely finding the places where it overlaps

ZL: But you’re a drums guy though; I think about you in the terms of the way you always program your drums, and work with drummers, and record with drummers and you have a very unique drum sound, and then you’re working with Chad Smith who is unquestionably, I would say, modern rocks greatest drum powerhouse rock drummer.

DM: That was the first thing we did; was I told everybody else to stay home and Chad came in by himself to the studio and we just recorded drums first. That was the first thing we did, yeah.
ZL: To get that sound coz he, traditionally Chad’s drum sound is the room. How he plays is how you hear it

DM: It’s different this time

ZL: I was gonna say you’ve made a name for yourself processing drums in a way that’s very Danger Mouse

DM: Yeah, it’s different this time but there’s also things I haven’t done as well because of how he plays so I definitely and pleasantly been able to adapt to him too. It’s easier to talk stuff when you’re like, oh there’s this one song here and then we talked that about that so I’m hesitant to get into too much detail because there’s no music…

ZL: I don’t want you to… Maybe I don’t want you to. Maybe I want you to stop. It was presumptuous to assume I was going to ask you any more questions about it…

DM: Well, I was going to keep answering ‘em. You know you’re good at getting stuff out of people.

Many thanks to Milan at for the heads up on this

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Anthony Kiedis at UFC 194

Anthony Kiedis was at the UFC 194 fight between Conor McGregor & Jose Aldoon 12th December 12, 2015 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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RHCP to Play Reading/Leeds Festival (England), 2016.

This has just been announced! Yay! Although… weekend tickets (now on sale) are a… sit down for it…. staggeringly eye-watering £213 each !! Nay!

I’ve been told by those in the know that day tickets are usually released later on but there’s nothing about them online right now.

My box of tissues -as I can’t justify what will be nearly £1000 for me to go as I will have to take my children so there will be three of us and by the time parking (an extra charge! Like £213 isn’t enough already!), petrol and food etc. have been added together will come to the best part of a grand to stand in a field, probably in the rain as this is England- cost £1! Unless day tickets are an awful lot cheaper, consensus right now seems a load of us English fans will be watching it on TV  (I’ll have a party at mine!) :(

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Around the World…

I know this is not AK news but I’d really like to share anyway as this was such an amazingly fun thing to be part of. An online friend, Stephen, came up with an idea of a group of people around the world adding art to a RHCP t-shirt and I was delighted to be part of that group. Loads of friendships were made and it was fun seeing the t-shirt travel from one person to another literally around the world until it made its final journey back to Stephen in Ireland. The t-shirt even happened to end up seeing the Chili Peppers at the Isle of Wight festival in June 2014 (several of us contributors managed to meet up at the concert too).

I’m Rebecca… and my photo was taken at the World Heritage site not far from my home here in England; it’s a place called Ironbridge so called because the first ever iron bridge in the world was constructed over the River Severn there. I chose the site to represent my area and also because Under the Bridge was the song that started the whole Red Hot Chili Peppers experience for me so it seemed fitting to combine the two. My art selection was chosen as it seemed so apt for the whole experience and I decided to embroider my contribution to be different (and allow some of the black space on the sleeve to be utilized).

Thanks to Stephen and everyone else involved in the whole project! Thanks to Trevor and Billie for putting all of the photos together and making this brill video.

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