Anthony on Cover of Q Magazine (UK)

Anthony Kiedis features on the front cover of the current Q Magazine.

An old photo of Anthony Kiedis is on the cover of the current issue of Q Magazine and there is a brief article mentioning him in a feature on the 120 greatest stories in rock and roll. The story refers to the account in Anthony’s book ‘Scar Tissue’ when he mentions seeing Cher undress while she was babysitting him.

Full scans and a transcript of the storyPlease remember the scans are for reference only. You can subscribe to Q magazine HERE:

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We’re Back!

Sorry I’ve been having issues with the site over the domain names as they were originally registered using my late husband’s account as it made more sense when he was alive to do that. However, there have been problems since his death and I’ve had major issues getting all of the details transferred to myself with the latest outcome being that the site domain name was put into ‘redemption’ and the site taken offline totally for the last couple of weeks :(

Hopefully it is all being resolved now and there should be no more problems! I had to pay to retrieve the site and I believe everything should now be under my personal details so the issue shouldn’t happen again:)

I have a load of new scans and photos to add so please watch the site for new updates! Thank you all for your patience! It’s good to be back! <3

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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Anthony!

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Mark Getty Exhibition

Mark getty scottish artist portrait Anthony Kiedis

Image used with kind permission of Mark Getty

Those of you who have been visiting this site for a while, will already be familiar with Mark Getty’s work as I’ve featured previous artwork by Mark featuring Anthony Kiedis in the past. Mark is about to launch a new solo exhibition in Scotland and one of his paintings on display will be his latest portrait of Anthony.


The Lemond Gallery – Mark Getty SOLO SHOW 
Saturday 17th August – Sunday 25th August 2013 11.00am to 5.00pm daily 

Summer solo show of around 50 new paintings by realist artist Mark Getty. 

There is also a chance to meet Mark:
MEET THE ARTIST – Saturday 17th August 2013, between 1.00pm and 4.00pm

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RHCP Radio Show Tonight

There’s a two hour RHCP online show tonight by Bram van Splunteren who many of you will know already from his documentary work on RHCP. He’s interviewing fans from around the world and there might just be a few people you recognise! (yes, he has my number so who knows?!)

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Blackie Dammett: Lords of the Sunset Strip

As we’ve been reporting, Anthony’s father, Blackie Dammett, has been writing his autobiography and I’m really happy to be able to say it’s now finished and online! It’s called ‘Lords of the Sunset Strip’ -obviously referring to the time when Blackie and the young Anthony were involved in the club scene on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles (as also mentioned in AK’s own autobiography, ‘Scar Tissue.’)

Clearly, as it’s Blackie’s autobiography, it contains stories and mention of his son, Anthony Kiedis, but it also mentions the Red Hot Chili Peppers so it’s a great read for fans of Anthony himself and the band as a whole.

It’s available to download from Amazon (I won’t give links as you have to download from the Amazon website for the country you are in; just search for the book and it’s really easy to find!). Blackie has given so much to the RHCP community over the years so please support him in this venture and download it; the book has been a real labour of love to him. Enjoy everyone!

Sample pages:

And on a personal note:

Thank you so much Blackie for the mention in the acknowledgements; it means so much to me. It’s been an honour to have helped support you in any way I could. I’m so delighted this book is now published after all of your hard work and efforts. Congratulations!  Rebecca Billingham <3




Many thanks to Ines Hrkać Perković for help with this!

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Anthony Kiedis and The Boys Go To America

‘The Boys Go to America’ talk about going to Anthony’s house in Malibu and there are shots of both the inside and the outside of the house.

Many thanks to Simona Morisi and Luna for sourcing this!

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Facebook Page

If you’re on Facebook, please like us on there! Facebook page

We often post ‘fun’ things on that page that aren’t added on this website or before they are added here. We  also frequently have ‘post themes’ for a week- this week it will be some of my photos of Anthony that have been digitally altered for a different effect. Concert and other photos also get added as profile & cover pictures on a regular basis so it’s a way of checking out something new without having to trawl through the thousands of photos we have in Galleries on here. Hopefully, see you there soon!


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Site Update

The new photos taken for the Russian edition of Vogue magazine of Anthony Kiedis with a woman called Ruby Aldridge have been posted on a new page (the assumption is that she’s Anthony’s new girlfriend; if so I will move the page to the ‘Girlfriend’ section over the next few days) but it can be accessed from the menu bar for now as that’s easier for people to locate.

 I’ve also added a couple of photos of a meeting that took place at Anthony’s Malibu home for a group called Enviro Board: Anthony Kiedis & Enviro Board  which were taken last year- I don’t think they’ve been that widely seen (were only a couple of hundred views when I was linked to them a couple of weeks ago).

And I’ve added random photos that I have lurking to relevant places in the photo galleries so have a look as there might be something new  :D

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Blackie Dammett’s Autobiography

Anthony’s father has been writing his autobiography as many of you know and obviously it will contain details of Anthony Kiedis and also the Red Hot Chili Peppers; it was due to be released a while ago but got delayed for several reasons…. However, publication of this long-awaited book has just moved another step closer! A few minutes ago, Blackie published the list of contents on his Facebook page:


We’ll keep you updated with the release date, etc. when the details are publicly released :)


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