New Anthony Kiedis Photo

Anthony posed with a young fan for a photo in Malibu:

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2020 Isle of Wight Festival

Source: IOW Festival Facebook page

As this year’s Isle of Wight Festival has sadly been cancelled, they are screening a virtual festival over the weekend the real event should have taken place featuring previous performers at the festival and Anthony Kiedis/RHCP are included in the line-up as they performed at the festival in 2014.

The streaming is taking place on two platforms, but it’s not clear if they will be the same thing or different from what I’ve read so far. One is Sky Arts and the other, Absolute Radio. Both things start at 7 p.m. UK time and run until midnight. RHCP will feature during the Saturday night streaming.

How to View/Listen

Sky Arts is part of varying TV packages so it will depend on if you have access to it or not.

Absolute Radio is available from a number of outlets including DAB radio, smart speakers and online. However, I’ve got some friends outside Britain to test this for me as Absolute Radio used to only be available within the UK and sadly this still seems to be the case. The only way to access it would be to use a VPN with a British IP address.

Absolute Radio Live Link

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1995 Video of Anthony Kiedis New Online

Neither my Sisterwitch nor myself have seen this before, so we reckon it’s fairly rare. It’s just made its way onto YouTube, but was originally recorded in October 1995 for Nöjesrevyn Special. Features Anthony Kiedis with other members of RHCP but don’t watch with the vicar or kids in the room! Enjoy!


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RHCP Cairo Documentary

Update on the Cairo/ Pyramids Concert/ Documentary. URGENT ACTION NEEDED! Please help try to get a change of decision! (Details below).

Sadly, this has now been pulled by RHCP’s management and currently will NOT be released due to the change in band members.

So many of us would love to have that documentary and we’ve been looking forward to its release. We saw the live footage of the concert at the time and it was amazing. And there’s the interviews, etc. which we haven’t seen. I know people were looking forward to it even more given the cancellation of the upcoming US shows (and expected cancellation of the others) and there was a lot of excitement about the news it was coming yesterday (this is why the post about it was removed).

If you would like to see this, please could you message ASAP Flea and Chad on their social media accounts and especially RHCP’s management- there is a chance we could get this decision reversed today if enough people say they would like it:


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Can’t Stop Addicted to the Handwash…

Many thanks to Michelle for doing this!

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RHCP Tour Updates

This is a page dedicated to Anthony Kiedis and it’s in danger of becoming a RHCP information page with the details of the concert cancellations and postponements coming in, especially amid the general lack of other news. I’ve just made an updated page on my main Red Hot Chili Peppers’ website so will update there and leave this to just AK info and news.

You can find details on RHCP’s tour HERE

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Like Father, Like Son…

More photos from the House Of Fangs of Anthony’s visit to the Geoff Moore exhibition a little while ago, nbut this time with a very grown-up looking Everly Bear:

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Bottlerock Festival Postponed

It’s no surprise that festivals where RCHP were due to play were under threat due to this wretched virus, and the first one to postpone is Bottlerock. It will now be held at the beginning of October. Other dates are affected too- just waiting for confirmation on which ones.

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Kiedis And the Skull

Anthony visited the House of Fangs on Melrose in LA. Photos of Anthony & other RHCP band members by Geoff Moore were on display there along with other art pieces.

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Anthony Kiedis at Lakers All Access Event

Source: Staplescenterla

Anthony Kiedis (& Flea), took part in a LA Lakers “All Access” event. Both Chili Peppers were on members of the panel onstage and spoke about their experiences with Kobe and the LA Lakers. Anthony was accompanied by his son to the event.

Posts are still coming in so I’ll link to our Facebook page for now and then sort through the best ones to post here once I have time)

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