Polite Request Concerning Instagram

I share my magazine collection with other RHCP fans as a way of giving something back to the community. It costs me a considerable amount of money, not only for the magazines, but for the website hosting and domain names. Unlike social media accounts, websites are not free and have to be paid for. I don’t share them as an Instagram resource that other people can just take for free because they can’t be bothered to source their own material. Each page I scan takes about 5-10 minutes to actually scan and then upload, and transcripts can take a couple of hours for the lengthy ones. Plus,there’s the time I spend searching for the magazines, bidding on them, asking questions about delivery…

I’ve always requested that people just add a link back if they take stuff but that’s too much to ask for some people. Instagram rules state that content on there must be original- not sure what’s original about copying it wholesale from a website!- anyway, but it’s annoying when I have my own social media accounts to find that somebody has taken the magazine I bought and beaten me to sharing it, especially on Instagram, so now I can’t even though I paid for the article and did all of the work. I went onto Insta this morning and a WHOLE article had been copied, with no credit back to this website or my RHCP one. It’s also annoying that Instagram crops everything so the version shared is not as good as the original.

Please be considerate. Link back and please don’t just take whole articles. Thanks x

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Anthony Kiedis Live in East Hampton


Date: Friday 28th June, 2019

Location: Private “Coachella East” themed event hosted by Sukey and Mike Novogratz in Amagansett, East Hampton, USA


There was a livestream on the official Chili Peppers’ page on Instagram, but it was coming and going (it swapped to David Mushegain’s own account at times too). Some songs are missing as a result on the videos taken from the stream.

Around The World
The Zephyr Song
Dark Necessities
Snow ((Hey Oh))
Go Robot
Don’t Forget Me
*Soul to Squeeze
By The Way
*Give It Away

Note*: These songs were definitely on the livestream so the set must have changed from the list. The other songs may have been played but they were not on the livestream.

A couple of screenshots from the livestream:

Many thanks to David Mushegain for battling with the livestream- so appreciated!

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RHCP Live… soon?

I’m not sure exactly what it is but RHCP are playing/doing something in East Hampton tonight. I’d heard on the grapevine that they were going to be there but the details were very vague, but Flea has now posted from there. AK flew out to New York the other day, Josh is in NY too and it sounds rather like Chad on those drums…

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Hi east Hampton. I farted.

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Anthony Kiedis at the Moschino Show

Anthony Kiedis attended the Jeremy Scott horror themed Moschino show last night (7th June), at the Universal Studios Backlot , Hollywood.

Photo from Suki Waterhouse’s Instagram story.

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So… The Haircut Photo by the Green Door

A photo was released yesterday of Anthony Kiedis standing in front of a green door with a caption discussing his haircut. I immediately thought I’d seen it before, but couldn’t place it or find it, so I didn’t post it here. I did post it on our associated Facebook page, with a caveat, and someone else immediately said they thought it they’d seen it before too. Plus, for some reason I immediately thought the photo was taken in NYC and I’ve seen nothing to suggest AK is there right now.

I asked a friend for help… ‘Mystery’ now solved! It is a re-issue on a different account. The same person is involved in of the both posts but the photo isn’t current and was actually taken in April 2018 in NYC.

New post:

Original Post:

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Early Mr. Anthony Kiedis!

I’ve been sent a few scans of early Red Hot Chili Peppers’ concert reviews from The Daily Nexus which was the UC Santa Barbara student newspaper. Enjoy!


1984 October Zany review of a gig at Casa De La Etna- not sure whether due to RHCP, or the interviewer, or both!

1985 October A review of a concert In San Diego

1988 April A review of the band playing at The Pub.

1988 October 13th A very brief news item talking about the band’s earlier gig at the Pub and the fact they were about to appear at the Graduate in IV (Irving?)

1989 January   Review of RHCP doing a surprise four song set at a Thelonius Monster concert.


Many thanks to Hamish at RHCP Sessions for the scans.

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Body Parts!

I was missing the RHCP book, Body Parts by Grier Govorko, from my collection as it’s out of print and copies I’ve seen of it have been really expensive. However, my lovely friend in LA saw a second-hand copy in Amoeba and bought it for me! It arrived today. The text is mostly the author describing people and places poetically without any detail of the band, but it contains loads of photos of the Red Hot Chili Peppers on tour. I’ve scanned a couple of Anthony Kiedis photos to show people what the book is like if they haven’t seen it (hoping that’s OK as the book is out of print). I’ll put some band ones on The Chili Source.

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Tell me baby, what’s your story?

Fab is a long-time friend of Anthony Kiedis and RHCP. He’s named-checked on the Live in Hyde Park album. He lived in LA with Flea and was close friends with the band in their early days… Anyway, Fab recently sent some photos that he came across while searching for something else to Anthony & Flea of them with his son, Angelo. Flea posted a couple of them on his Instagram account.The photo of him with Angelo had the caption, “Who is the mystery baby?” leading to much speculation as to who the baby was.

I’m posting them here as they are such sweet pics and to clear up who the baby is as there’s been a lot of debate online and some people didn’t know/have missed the answer (and there’s also a recent one of the, now grown up, baby).

Many thanks to Fab for the extra info & the photos. (Photos used with permission).

Flea with the ‘mystery’ baby

Anthony with baby Angelo

Flea, Anthony & Angelo

Angelo & Fab’s paintings of AK and Flea

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Photos of Anthony Kiedis in Egypt by Louise Schiffmacher

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Anthony Kiedis and RHCP in Video Guest Snippet

AK and the rest of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, make a brief appearance in Post Malone’s “Wow” video. They feature from 0.44 to 0.48 if you would rather go straight to the clip.

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