Anthony Kiedis and Wanessa Milhomen Arriving at LA Lakers Game

There are photos posted earlier today of Anthony Kiedis & Wanessa Milhomen during the game but this brief video of them (it names her wrongly as Helena Vestergaard) arriving has just been released:

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Anthony Kiedis & Animals Asia Campaign

Anthony Kiedis took part in a photo shoot for an as yes unreleased  campaign by Animals Asia at Milk Studios in LA.  Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne were also involved.

animals-asia-anthony-kiedis-1 animals-asia-anthony-kiedis-2 animals-asia-anthony-kiedis-3 animals-asia-anthony-kiedis-5

Photo source

Thanks Nadya for the info!

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Anthony & Wanessa Watching LA Lakers



The Daily Mail online is running an article on Anthony Kiedis and Wanessa Milhomen watching the Atlanta Hawks play the LA Lakers at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California yesterday (March 15th 2015). Not much content – brief comment about the forthcoming RHCP album along with the standard Daily Mail comment about age differences; the article is mostly made up of photos (some more revealing than others :P)

Full article HERE (Links at the bottom to other sites running the photos)


 Update: More photos HERE They have been pixellated on this site. The photos (unpixelllated) are also on the Getty site- thanks Jessica for the heads up on that!

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Anthony Kiedis Roadglide

Video about Anthony’s custom made Roadglide:

custom-made-roadglide-anthony-kiedis-1 custom-made-roadglide-anthony-kiedis-2

Thanks to Nadya for the heads up on this!

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Anthony Kiedis at Photography Display

Updated: Two more photos added.

Anthony Kiedis was at a photograph display by photographers Geoff Moore & John Gilhooley yesterday (7th March; two live acts,  Jonny Two Bags and Dave and The Curse also played at the event):





Thanks to Shalhevet for the heads up on this! And thanks to Aneta too!

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Anthony Kiedis submits to Jon Jones- brief video clip from UFC 184 (sorry can’t find an embed code)



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Anthony Kiedis at UFC 184


David Mushegain

Anthony Kiedis was at last night’s (28th February 2015) UFC 184 in LA:



Thiago Sabbah
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Steel Panther Call Out…

Steel Panther called out Anthony Kiedis to a sing off… Anything for publicity, huh?!

Thanks to everyone who sent me this link!

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Wife… No Wife!


People were a bit confused about a comment Anthony Kiedis made about his “wife” in a fashion  show backstage interview a couple of days ago. Most people assumed it to have been an off-the-cuff comment/messing around rather than reality. I’ve been told that Peggy Nobel Idema, Anthony’s mother, made this comment on a public Facebook page (have no source for it yet but I’m trying to find it).

” Don’t be confused about the “wife” comment. AK can be goofy/silly at times. This is one of those times!!”

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Anthony Kiedis News Round Up


More photos and interviews/comments have been coming out from Anthony’s recent appearances at the New York fashion shows so rather than update previous posts I’m going to play catch up and add everything here.

The multi-coloured t-shirt Anthony Kiedis was wearing is actually a skull design and apparently the trousers/pants are Armani Exchange:



Interview 1 with Anthony Kiedis from backstage at the Marc Jacobs show:

Also in the front row was Anthony Kiedis, the lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who have begun recording their 11th album.

He’s not an expert on fashion, by his own admission. But it was Kiedis’ second show of the week — he also took in Jeremy Scott — and he was admiring the venue, which in recent years had played host to some concerts. “I haven’t played here, but would like to. I would like to play here tonight,” he said.

For someone who’s not an expert on high fashion, Kiedis was not at his first Jacobs show. He recalled a memorable one a few years ago.

“I got kicked out of my seat by Anna Wintour at a Marc Jacobs show once,” he said, though he acknowledged he maybe deserved it. “I was with someone.” With Wintour sitting across the aisle from him, the rocker was feeling magnanimous. He didn’t really hold the encounter against her.

“Some day she will be smothered in enough love to break that heart open for her,” he said. Source 


Anthony Kiedis front row Marc Jacobs show; next to Stella Maxwell. Debbie Harry is next to Stella

Interview 2 mentioning Anthony Kiedis from backstage at the Marc Jacobs show:

“I just walked through backstage, and it was this brilliant fountain of mauve and crimson and classy,” said Anthony Kiedis prior to the show, sitting front row between Debbie Harry and Christina Ricci. “That’s why I love Marc, because he’s warm and hard-working and a beautiful, sweet, lovely dude, but he also possesses this wonderful, radical style, like an artist.”

Indeed, Jacobs consistently excels not only as a designer, but also (especially in the social-media age) as a showman. A few seats away from that trio, for example, sat MJ stalwart Sofia Coppola, as well as Nicki Minaj, wearing a pair of serious over-the-knee python boots. But this isn’t about celebs showing up for the free clothes (though Kiedis noted they’re highly appreciated)… Source & full article

Many thanks to Maria, Angra, Shalhevet, Elaine on Facebook and Red Hot Chili Family for info/sourcing things along the way :)

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