Anthony Kiedis Interview from Finland

anthony-kiedis-finland-interview-2016A new interview with Anthony Kiedis has been posted on Finland’s national broadcasting website YLE. You can read the interview HERE

 UPDATED: English translation added



Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers: Free time is the worst for ex-junkie

Anthony Kiedis has arrived to the ends of the Earth. That’s how Finland seems in the eyes of the world-famous rock star and Hollywood. The route here should be familiar, because this is the sixth time in Finland for one of the biggest rock bands in the Earth, Red Hot Chili Peppers. This time Kiedis’s eight-year-old son is with them.

It’s been almost 30 years since the first visit. The televised gig at Provinssirock drew attention not only with its energy but also because the only thing the band wore were tennis socks to cover the strategic parts.

– We were young, healthy boys from Hollywood. Maybe we were looking for the sexual vibes in our performance that are in our music. We did “sox on cox”-performance in special occasions, and the gig in Provinssirock was obviously one of them.

The death of one of the founding members of the band, the guitarist Hillel Slovak, cast a dark cloud over the first gig in Finland. He died of drug overdose not long after the tour.

-When we came back home to Los Angeles, Hillel was thinking about his future: Should I change my habits or should I stay the safe, dangerous road. We didn’t understand how deadly some drugs can be. In some cases trying once is enough.

– I still miss him. On the other hand the tour had gone well and it left a beautiful memory of him.

“Drugs are still part of my psyche”

Anthony Kiedis has a long history with drugs as well. He has been sober for years, but the drug background still affects his life.

– It is definitely a part of my psyche. I have been sober for a long time, but drugs are still a part of me.

The are numerous stories of the rambunctious tour-life of the rock bands. Maybe to somebody’s  surprise Anthony Kiedis thinks months-long tour is a safe environment.

– On tour I am at work. Focused. I have things to do. It’s harder after the tour, when you go home. Then I am isolated. And what’s even worse, I have free time. Then you have to be careful.

One motivation to making an effort is the fact that Kiedis is a father to an eight-year-old son. He is with him in Helsinki.

– I want him with us on tours. Of course sometimes he is at home and goes to school. But it is fun that we can do stuff together during long tours. I thought of showing him a bit of Helsinki, maybe we’ll make a short walk to the parks. It is important that he gets at least little influences from rest of the world.

Change from producer legend Rick Rubin 

Red hot Chili Peppers is one of the most popular bands in the world. The band has sold tens of millions of albums. A key influencer on the background has been Rick Rubin, the producer wizard, for over two decades. When Red Hot Chili Peppers started working on their latest album, they let him go, though.

– Maybe that’s just that, we had worked with him for so long. We had to challenge ourselves, to step out of our comfort zone. To do something, that forces us to change.

The producer on The Getaway -album which was released during the summer is Danger Mouse, who is better known in the electro music genre. He has worked with Beck and The Black Keys, who are heavily influenced by traditional rock’n’roll. Anthony Kiedis says Danger Mouse is nice, but firm guy.

– The way Danger Mouse works is completely unique. His creative work happens in the studio. It’s very spontaneous. Sometimes we would go to the studio in the morning with nothing, and at midnight when we went home, we’d have a finished song.

– He would tell our bassist Flea to play like James Brown. Or change it to something else if he didn’t like what he heard. He was actively involved in the song writing process.


The presidential candidates of USA are poison

Red Hot Chili Peppers is not know as very political band. Anthony Kiedis, who is in charge of lyrics, admits that the band has no political agenda. Despite of that he perks up when we start talking about the presidential campaign of USA.

– We were with democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. He was an exceptional candidate: Trustworthy, smart, empathetic.

-Last 130 years, ever since industrialism, the presidents of United States have been puppets of billionaires like Rockefeller. They have decided who will be the next president with their dollars. Bernie couldn’t be bought.

Kiedis’s favourite didn’t reach the final round. Two bad candidates were left.

– I have to pick one of two poisons. Maybe I will choose slower death aka Hillary. She just got sick though, which can have a surprising impact in the result. What is important is how fast she can recover and if she can give a strong impression on TV debates.

Kiedis thinks Republican candidate Donald Trump is a reality TV star who is not measured on the same scale with other politicians.

– We look at him like he’s an entertainer. If Trump lies or says something outrageous, we think, that that’s just the actor he is.

In the United States publicity is everything. That’s why musician who have searched stardom are a part of the political game. Anthony Kiedis doesn’t feel pressured to state his political opinion, though.

– I don’t think about fame. I just want to tell the truth. Also, I am not politically active artist. I make music because I want to create something beautiful and positive into this world. In the end, politics are quite depressing.

Many thanks to Linda for the translation!

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Another RHCP Mini-Show Added

Anthony Kiedis will be performing with RHCP on Sunday (18th September) in LA prior to the Rams’ game. Apparently it will be a  30 minute set.


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Anthony Kiedis Swedish Interview

UPDATED: Translation of the Swedish voice-0ver has been added.

Earlier today, we posted a snippet of Anthony Kiedis speaking about 9/11 during an interview to Swedish TV. A longer video of that interview has come out and it seems to be the complete interview this time.


Anthony Kiedis: I was certainly saddened, not in a patriotic way but in a humanitarian way. Like, ugh, why are people doing this to other people? [Anthony Kiedis shakes his head]. It’s just too much, you know. I mean, I’m sure America was partially responsible for that and I’m sure some other very people in other places of the world were responsible. It was just a sad day for Planet Earth. For everybody and it still is, you know.

‘Under The Bridge’ Plays for a few seconds leading to a clip of some live footage and another snippet of this time of, ‘ Give It Away’ with a voice-over in Swedish:

It has been 25 years since the Red Hot Chili Peppers got their big break, and since then they have supplied a steady stream of hits and played to sold-out arenas around the world, yesterday they played in Stockholm. The early career was marked by a hard rock star life with drug problems and everything could have ended there.

Anthony Kiedis: There is an energy that comes with inexperience and the energy is really intoxicating but it’s also a little bit dangerous and you couldn’t do that forever because you would just explode. I guess it’s turned out that it’s more of a marathon than a sprint. So as you are around longer you figure out ways to run the marathon, you know and not kill yourself before it’s over.

Voice-over in Swedish over some live footage of RHCP – the presenter says:

Red Hot Chili Peppers have throughout their long career taken a position on political issues and this spring they had a gig to raise money for Bernie Sanders primary election campaign. With him gone, so does Antony Kiedis have much sympathy for presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?


Anthony Kiedis: Too much attention is given to these people that aren’t necessarily doing something for the good of the whole so it’s disheartening but I do not read anything about it.

Clip of ‘Dark Necessities’ with presenter saying:

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are in the midst of a year long tour and they enjoy being on stage.

Anthony Kiedis: It’s kinda like levitating; it’s a little bit on the levitating side because suddenly it requires no effort. It just sails along. You know when everybody gets into that same invisible stream of energy and sound, it’s a very euphoric feeling. We love our job and we feel very grateful; remind us never to complain about anything.

Ends with clip of ‘Dani California’ live.


Screen Shots:

Many thanks to Ad’a for the link and to Ulrika for the translation from Swedish 🙂

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Anthony Kiedis on Tour 2016: Oslo

(Sorry before the Stockholm one I’ve just posted- playing catch up here!)



Photo credits: Henrik Lewandowski

Date: 8th September, 2016

Location: Telenor Arena, Oslo, Finland

Set list:


Photo credit: Henrik Lewandowski

01. Intro+ Dark Necessities
02. Dani California
03. Scar Tissue
04. The Adventures of Rain dance maggie
05. Right on Time
06.Parallel Universe
07. Feasting on The Flowers
08. Snow
09. Sir Psycho Sexy
10. They’re Red Hot
11. Wild World by Cat Stevens (solo Josh) / Go robot
12. Californication
13. Under The Bridge
14. Sick Love
15. By The Way
16.Jam (What Is Soul) Dreams of a Samurai
17. Give it away


RHCP started with Dark Necessities!
First time play for Feasting on the Flowers

Many thanks once again to Henrik Lewandowski for his information and photos.

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Anthony Kiedis Live 2016: Stockholm


Date: 10th September, 2016

Location: Tele2 Arena; Stockholm Sweden.


01 Can’t Stop
02 Dani California
03 Otherside
04 Dark Necessities
05 She’s Only 18
06 Search And Destroy
07 Blood Sugar Sex Magik
08 Go Robot
09 Californication
10 The Getaway
11 Look Around
12 Under The Bridge
13 Sick Love
14 By The Way
15 Goodbye Angels
16 Give It Away


Notes: They covered Search and Destroy by Iggy Pop and The Stooges

Many thanks to Henrik Lewandowski for his set list information!



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Latest Magazine Scan Updates

I’ve just added several more scans to the collection featuring Anthony Kiedis and RHCP in general. The first one is a current publications and others are back dated ones.

The current edition of Kerrang! (September 10th; 1636) has a multi-page article on the Reading/Leeds Festival and there’s a review of RHCP as part of that.



Hard Rock, a back dated French magazine from 2002.It has a two page article and a review of RHCP at Paris (Olympia) on 4th June, 2002.

I’ve also uploaded a number of non-English scans which have been sent to me by Red Hot Chili Peppers Club Mexico  -many thanks for their following contributions!

Circus magazine



2009 August el sol de Toluca



Rockmania 1995


And also the Spanish edition of April 1994’s Rolling Stone


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Anthony Kiedis talks about 9/11



There’s a brief interview clip of Anthony Kiedis talking about 9/11 that’s been released. You can see the clip HERE

 We presume this is part of a longer interview as we’ve seen people commenting about it on social media but this is all we have for now- obviously, if we find the whole interview, we will post it!

I was certainly saddened, not in a patriotic way but in a humanitarian way. Like, ugh, why are people doing this to other people? [Anthony Kiedis shakes his head]. It’s just too much, you know. I mean, I’m sure America was partially responsible for that and I’m sure some other very people in other places of the world were responsible. It was just a sad day for Planet Earth. For everybody and it still is, you know.

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RHCP Disco Jive!


Following the release of RHCP’s ‘Go Robot’ video, people have been commenting on its homage to the Saturday Night Fever film. The lovely people at RHCP Brazil have uploaded this video showing the video’s original references in the film. Enjoy 🙂



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Odds & Ends

Some photos of Anthony Kiedis and RHCP in Stockholm (they played a concert there last night. Deap Vally [sic] have been the support group on recent gigs):

Source: RHCP Instagram


Source: Deapvally Instagram

RHCP Berlin  360 Concert
A German article about the recent RHCP Street Gigs concert in Berlin- scroll down to the bottom and it has a number of photos of the set up and early arrival of guests in a slideshow at the bottom.

RHCP at Reading Leeds Festival

A review of the Reading Leeds Festival from the current edition of Kerrang! (September 10th. 1636)




THERE’S AN idea in Hollywood that you do ‘one film for them [the studio] and one for you’, suggesting that giving people what they want provides you with the leverage to indulge in personal passion projects. It’s a philosophy that the Chills continue to adopt in their live shows, as the LA veterans gild their hits-strewn sets with the kind of funk work-outs that people negatively associate with them. Admittedly, tonight they exercise uncharacteristic restraint, but we still have to go through ‘jams’ before opener Can’t Stop. Such indulgences are made more palatable by the fact it’s all imbued with the kind of energy and vim that can’t be cultivated in a practice room — not to mention a little charm (“Make me a bed of mud, I’ll sleep next to you tonight,- purrs frontman Anthony Kiedis after Dark Necessities). Meanwhile, the unbeatable trio of Californication, Under The Bridge and By The Way provides some of the weekend’s most unifying moments. (JH)

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Go Robot Video is Released

The new Red Hot Chili Peppers’ video to accompany the single ‘Go Robot’ directed by Tota Lee is now out!

You can view it HERE (sorry can’t find an embed code; only a link)


Some Screen Shots from the Video:

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