Global Citizen Ending Global Poverty Campaign

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have just posted a link and information on the Global Goal Live campaign by Global Citizen. The campaign aims to try to end world poverty by raising $350 billion each year for the world’s poorest countries.

RHCP are listed as one of artists to perform as part of this campaign’s culminating event which will take place over ten hours. Details as to where and when will be announced in early 2020, but it will take place on 26th September 2020 in one of five locations.

We are thrilled that so many artists have already said they’ll be involved in Global Goal Live, including:

Alicia Keys, Billie Eilish, Coldplay, Cyndi Lauper, D’banj, Eddie Vedder, Exo, H.E.R., Janelle Monáe, Lizzo, Metallica, Miley Cyrus, Muse, Ozuna, Ozzy Osbourne, Pharrell Williams, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Shawn Mendes, Tiwa Savage, Usher, and more.


A small amount of tickets might be available on general sale with the majority available to Global citizens who earn them:

How can I get tickets?

Global Citizens around the world can take action to earn their tickets to the events, as has been possible for all past Global Citizen events.

We will announce specific actions and draws for tickets closer to each event. In the meantime, we encourage you to take action in support of the campaign.

A small percentage of tickets to each event may also be available for purchase, with proceeds going to underwrite the event.


Locations will be on five continents:

New York, USA and

Lagos, Nigeria,

And three others to be announced with one in Latin America, one in Europe, and one in Asia.

(Information from above link; scroll down below the partner icons and click on the info sections).

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Anthony Kiedis Interview from 1996

This interview from 1996 has just been posted on YouTube. I’ve not seen it before so I’m assuming some of you haven’t either 🙂 It’s a French interview, but talking to Chad Smith and Anthony Kiedis in London. It starts off with the Warped video, but after that moves on to discuss One Hot Minute, Dave Navarro and Anthony comments on the French government performing a nuclear test in Tahiti.


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Anthony Kiedis Live 2019: Singapore

Anthony rocking the t-shirt on the head look!

Many thanks to Sam for permission to use this!


Date: Sunday 22nd September, 2019

Location: Padang Stage: Formula 1 Singapore Airline, Grand Prix, Singapore

Notes: Red Hot Chili Peppers played on the final night of the Singapore Grand Prix. No tickets were available to just the concert, but only as part of Grand Prix entrance
Anthony wearing a hat again, but not the same black hat (Amish) as the last couple.

Set List:

Source: Official RHCP Instagram

Can’t Stop
Fortune Faded
The Zephyr Song
Dark necessities
Strip My mind
Right On Time
Go Robot
Higher Ground
Just What I Needed (cover; by the Cars)
Soul To Squeeze
By The Way

Goodbye Angels
Give It Away

Josh’s solo: Cover or Purple Rain by Prince

Embed from Getty Images

Many thanks to Sam for permission to share these!


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More… #redhotchilipeppers

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More RHCP!

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Zimbio have a slideshow of photos HERE and Yahoo HERE 

There are lots of clips on Instagram, etc. This account by Tabachoi has some really good crowd videos of the concert- about 10 songs e.g.

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1996 Interview with Anthony Kiedis

This is an old video featuring Anthony Kiedis that’s just been (re)posted – I’ve seen a photo of Anthony by the pool from it, but never the video. Lots of info about his tattoos (the tattoo FAQ has just been updated to include it). Enjoy!

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Anthony Kiedis on Stage 2019: Abu Dhabi

Location: The Arena, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Date: 4th September, 2019


Red Hot Chili Peppers played as part of Abu Dhabi Showdown Week- a seven-day series of events which were set to run alongside UFC 242 (actually takes place on 7th September).

There was no official livestream


01 Can’t Stop
02 The Zephyr Song
03 Dark Necessities
04 Snow ((Hey Oh))
05 Dani California
06 Hey
07 Right On Time
08 What Is Soul?
09 Californication
10 Go Robot
11 Suck My Kiss
12 Soul To Squeeze
13 By The Way
14 Goodbye Angels

Thanks to the information from Henrik Lewandowski

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Recent Photos Are Not Current

Just for information

Some photos are being shared of Anthony & a girl throughout social media. Some photos are at a restaurant where they are talking to another famous rock star and a few are walking from (to?) the restaurant. There is also another set from a different day of Anthony and a male friend eating. They are not current. One of the celeb gossip sites has recently posted them so people are assuming they are new and current photographs, but they originally surfaced earlier this year- I didn’t share them because I don’t share intrusive paparazzi photos that are taken with a long lens of people while they are at a restaurant (the one set through the open restaurant window), as I think that is an invasion of privacy. I have no control what comes up on searches for news, but I can control what I post.

As for her being Anthony’s new girlfriend, on the information that we have, everything suggests that no relationship developed. It seemed to be a brief encounter. She has spent some time in Australia this summer and is possibly still there as she’s currently listed a model for an Australian agency. Unless she makes details public herself, I don’t think her name needs to be posted; again out of respect. (I know who she is because I happened to see a named photo of her posted at the same time as the paparazzi photos originally came out and I recognised her.)

Peace x

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Anthony Kiedis Live 2019 Summer Sonic Festival-Toyko

Date: Saturday 17th August, 2019

Location: Summer Sonic Festival (Day 2) Tokyo, Japan


The second day of the Summer Sonic Festival

Set List:

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Tokyo, Japan August 17 2019 🇯🇵

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Intro jam
Can’t Stop
Scar Tissue
Dark Necessities
Dani California
I Like Dirt
Go robot
Around The World
Under the Bridge
By The Way

Dreams of a Samurai
Give It Away

The rebroadcast is currently online- RHCP are about 3/4 of the way through as I type this but their postion keeps moving as new videos are added.


Thanks to Sisterwife, Tommy and Shalhevet for info and links.

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Livestream for Tomorrow’s Toyko Concert

LIVESTREAM: Watch the livestream from Summer Sonic in Tokyo tomorrow (August 17th) at 7:45p JST / 3:45a PDT / 11:45a BST

Source: RHCP on Facebook

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Anthony Kiedis Live 2019: Summer Sonic Festival-Osaka


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そしてまさかの…レッチリのあのアンソニー様😭💕 これ夢じゃないかな?っていまだに思ってるから投稿して現実にする🥺 色々ねタイミングと奇跡が重なってこの写真があるの🤳 もうこれはおかしいよ😭😭 「love!!!」って伝えれました🙆‍♀️ レッチリ高校生から聴いててずっとイヤホンから聴いてたものが 生で聴こえてきて感動🥺もう一生の思い出です🥺 おばあちゃんになってもレッチリを聴くと高校生を思い出すんだろうな。 最高の1日でした! @chilipeppers #summersonic #summersonic2019 #summersonic大阪

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Date: Friday 16th August, 2019

Location: Summer Sonic Festival (Day 1) Osaka, Japan


RHCP played a very short set due to circumstances beyond their control.

There was a typhoon the day before the concert which meant the stage wasn’t installed in time and consequently, this had a knock on effect on the concert as the stage had to be completed before it could go ahead. The gates were supposed to open at 10 a.m. but didn’t open until 3 p.m. The first three bands were cancelled with the remaining bands playing a reduced set.

It seems that RHCP then reduced their set by another song as 11 songs are shown on the setlist (photo below) but people are reporting that they played 10 songs (“Go Robot” seems to have been omitted).

Set List:

Used by Kind permission of Chifumi Soga

From Daniel: Riff from “Out in L.A”  was played as their opening-jam.

Songs Played:

Can’t Stop

The Zephyr Song

Dark Necessities

Snow ((hey oh))

Right On Time


Suck My Kiss

Soul to Squeeze

By the Way


Give It Away

Source: @diver_rhcp

There are loads of fan videos on social media sites so I’m just going to select a couple to post here:


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Red Hot Chili Peppers at SUMMER SONIC OSAKA 2019 Day1

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y.ooguri has some photos and a couple of close up videos with good sound (more on their story right now)

Many thanks to May Mendosa, Chifumi Soga and Daniel Tokheim Dalskau for the info from Osaka! Thanks to everyone who has shared videos on social media and last but not least, thanks also to the other witch for all of the links!

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All of the FAQs on Anthony Kiedis have been checked and most updated e.g. to replace broken video links or add new inofrmation e.g. on Anthony’s pyramid tattoo.

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