Mrs. Anthony Kiedis?

Along with the photos of Anthony with an unknown new woman at Jeremy Scott’s FW15 fashion show in NYC, an interview has come out where Anthony refers to his wife…





Jeremy Scott’s FW15 show brought out a slew of special guests, most of them pretty stellar musicians. Representing the rock genre was Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis, who happens to be the latest addition to our Hot Minute roster. We chatted with Anthony on the way out of the show about his thoughts on the collection why he’s not a self-proclaimed ‘fashion slut.’

What brought you out to Jeremy Scott today?

You know what? My good fortune. That’s what brought me here.

Good fortune in what way?

I just stumbled into it, and I’m really, really glad that I made it.

So you’re not a regular at fashion shows?

Not really, I’m not a ‘fashion slut’ so to speak. But, my wife likes Jeremy and my friends like Jeremy, and everyone told me that if I’m going to go to a show at Fashion Week I better make it a Jeremy show. I was told they’re fun and not as serious or freaked out as some of the others. So I came, and I saw Jeremy and I saw my friends and it was just really badass. So yeah, it was some good fortune.

What are three things that you cannot live without?

Love, coffee, and…hmm. Oh, I guess music. Can’t really do without that one.

Thanks to Maria for posting the link on the Facebook page.

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Anthony Kiedis at Fashion Show with New Partner


Photo by David Mushegain


Anthony has been photographed at the Jeremy Scott Fashion Show during MADE Fashion Week Fall 2015 at Milk Studios on February 18, 2015 in New York City.

After much speculation and assuming that the relationship between Anthony Kiedis and Helena Vestergaard was over (no photos of the couple have been released since November and Helena looked less than happy in those. And mainly because Helena went back to Australia and seemed to celebrate her 21st birthday, Christmas and New Year without Kiedis and was gone for two months before returning to LA on the night that Anthony went to the UFC fight in Vegas) seems to have been confirmed by the following photos (even though the tag states it’s Helena Vestergaard accompanying Kieids, it clearly isn’t) showing Anthony attending the fashion show holding hands with a new woman:


Many more photos are available on the Getty site

Update: The Daily Mail are now running an article asking where Helena is along with a load of the Getty photos (nothing new in the article).


Thanks Angra for the heads up!


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Anthony Kiedis Attends Warner Bros Grammy Celebration

Anthony Kiedis attended the Warner Music Group annual Grammy celebration at the Chateau Marmont in LA yesterday (February 8, 2015):

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And Another…

This just showed up in my search feeds; it’s another photo of Anthony at the UFC 183 this time take with Jason Egan who owns Fright Dome at Circus Circus.



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Anthony Kiedis UFC 183

Anthony was at last night’s (31st January 2015) fight between  Silva & Diaz.



He was also spotted on the televised footage – screen caps and videos:








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Anthony at Lakers Game


I think this was taken yesterday- it was posted 13 hours ago and there was a game on the 25th so that matches up but I don’t have a definite date.




New: Lakers Scene  also posted this photo:


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Anthony’s New Motorbike

new-harley-davidson-motorbike-anthony-kiedis-1 new-harley-davidson-motorbike-anthony-kiedis-2

Red Hot Chili Family  have posted these photos of Anthony Kiedis with his new Harley Davidson Road Glide on their Facebook page today.

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Anthony Kiedis 15th January 2015

Apparently those of you in the US watching the Lakers game yesterday saw Anthony on the TV coverage. I’ve been trying to find a photo all day… finally one has emerged!



Thanks to Martina and Angra for helping locate this!

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New Tony Woolliscroft Exhibition


Those of you in England might be interested to know that Tony Woolliscroft’s photographs are being featured in a new exhibition in Aldershot so those of you who didn’t get to see his previous displays, in Bedford and Stoke-on-Trent, now have another chance to see his work. Tony of course was the author/photographer behind ‘Me and My Friends’ featuring his photos of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and he took many of the iconic images that we are used to seeing. His work has featured in music magazines over the years such as RAW and Kerrang! The new exhibition features all of his work rather than concentrating on just RHCP but the Chilis (and Foos) will always be prominent;

But it is his work with RHCP and Foo Fighters that Mr Woolliscroft said he retained the greatest affection for, both as a professional and a fan.

“For 25 years, they have dominated the rock scene,” he said.
“You’re incredibly lucky if you get just one band you work with who go supersonic – I had two.” Source

Admission to the current exhibition of Tony’s work is free and ends on 25th February 2015.

Venue details: West End Centre, Aldershot (For more information: or call 01252 408040).

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Anthony Kiedis on Stage 2015!


A bit of a surprise to get up and see these photos this morning as I’d seen nothing on the websites I check or in the news feeds saying they were due to play.  It seems that the Red Hot Chili Peppers performed at the  4th Annual Sean Penn & Friends HELP HAITI HOME Gala which benefited the  J/P Haitian Relief Organization yesterday (January 10th 2015).

Have added a gallery of photos HERE (will update if we find out any information about song(s) played, etc.)

UPDATE: Clip of By the Way


A video posted by Chad Smith (@chadsmithofficial) on


Many thanks to Shalhevet for the links on these!


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