Anthony Kiedis in My Home!

Hahaha Not quite! In the city of my birth!!!

It’s a crazy weekend for some reason!!! I will write a proper review and add a photo gallery but I’m racing around doing real life stuff so I can go and do this again tonight! I’ve quickly added some photos to one of my Facebook pages for now. You can see them HERE




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Anthony Kiedis in the Current Clash Magazine

I’ve just uploaded the scans from this:


Clash Magazine (UK) Winter 2016 Number 102 A (there are several different covers featuring other people)

You can order a copy HERE and they are £6.99 plus postage (I’m not sure if they post outside of the UK as I didn’t think to check when I ordered my copy). The interview doesn’t really contain anything new but the photos are original and mostly full page so it’s worth getting!

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All Good Things…

..Must come to an end as the saying goes. I’m not going to be updating this website with news from 2017 (not that I really am now). There’s a post on The Chili Source explaining it as I can’t face doing it again if anyone is interested but in short I feel pushed out from the RHCP online community and I don’t want to be subjected to the unpleasantness that’s been going on with some of the real fans and watching RHCP ants on a stage at Reading made me wonder what on earth I am doing…  It’s been fun but my heart is no longer in it in the same way and I really don’t want the unpleasantness of receiving some of the messages/comments I have from the band’s accepted fans. I’d rather be able to concentrate on all of the good things and the amazing friends I’ve met through this than be stressed by the unpleasantness that’s been directed my way this year.

I have tickets to a couple of concerts here in England in December and I might post something about those concerts then.  The hosting is paid for until next October (and I’ll probably renew anyway as there is so much work anf effort involved in both of my websites) and leave it as an information site for anyone interested.

Thanks everyone for your support! Peace <3

Rebecca/ Squitherwitch

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Video about the New RHCP Lights

This just showed up in my YouTube suggestions list. It’s all about the new RHCP stage light set up:

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Christmas Competition!

Christmas is approaching and I’ve been given a RHCP jumper/sweater by the kind people at Ugly Christmas Sweaters – you can see me wearing it so fetchingly here 🙂

I was so tempted to keep it but as RHCP is all about “give it away” I thought I’d run a competition on my RHCP website The Chili Source and give it away as a prize and a Christmas theme seemed appropriate 🙂


To Enter:

You need to design an ornament for a Christmas tree which is Red Hot Chili Peppers related in some way- it can be connected to a RHCP album, song, lyric, the whole band, an individual band member, whatever as long as there is a Chili Peppers connection. It can be made from anything, be any shape, design, etc. and people can enter as many times as they would like. Just please keep it clean- nothing rude or inappropriate. You need to take a photo of the ornament (not the actual ornament itself) and send it to me:

I will make a gallery of the photos and the judges will decide the winner.

The ornament has to be RHCP related and needs to be home-made – nothing ready made/mass produced. By submitting the photograph you are giving me permission to post it on any of my RHCP websites and RHCP Facebook pages. We also reserve the right not to post images if they are inappropriate. The judges decision will be final and the jumper will be posted with proof of posting obtained but sorry I can’t be responsible if it doesn’t arrive for some reason (or for non arrival of emails/photos). There is only the one jumper which is size large (the sales page warns they come up a size small and I went for a larger size thinking it would fit more people but it is snug on me).

Closing Date of Competition: Midnight (GMT; we’re 8 hours ahead of LA for anyone in the US) on Friday 25th November 2016. We’ll announce the winner within a few days- will say when closer to the time.

If you can’t wait or want to buy a sweater/jumper yourself, you can get one from the company direct: Ugly Christmas Sweaters They are currently on special offer at $30 each. You can also add lights to them for an extra cost.

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Happy Birthday Anthony!

Happy Birthday to the one and only Mr. Anthony Kiedis!


(Anyone going to the Munich concert tonight, please see the post below)

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Anyone going to Munich Tonight!

Request from Peggy to anyone going to the Munich concert tonight!!!


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KROQ Halloween Ball With RHCP


Last night, Anthony Kiedis with the Red Hot Chili Peppers played at the KROQ Halloween Costume Ball.




Date: 28th October 2016

Location: Fonda Theatre, LA

Set List:



Can’t Stop

Scar Tissue

Dark Necessities

Parallel Universe

Sick Love

Right On Time

Go Robot


Suck My Kiss

I Could Have Lied

By The Way


Goodbye Angels

Give It Away


Many thanks to Angra for her information and for allowing me to use her photos!

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Anthony Kiedis at Opening of SCoM

The new building for The Silverlake Conservatory of Music has been officially opened! RHCP’s Flea cut the ribbon which was followed by a parade… Can see Anthony Kiedis dancing alongside his son, Everly Bear.

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Anthony Singing with his Son


Video of Anthony Kiedis singing ‘Dreams of a Samurai’ during the Turin concert accompanied by his son Everly Bear at the beginning… so sweet!

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