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I know I’m in a different time zone and it’s currently night in LA, but I’ve got up and there seem to be no more new reports on Anthony Kiedis’ condition. Obviously I will update if there is anything.

Please could I politely remind people to respect the family and friends of Anthony as this has been a difficult time for them too and their requests for peace are being ignored especially on Facebook where there were issues yesterday. Anthony’s mother was so kind to give us an update on Sunday but unfortunately people abused that and caused her further distress and since the band’s management aren’t issuing any updates, there is no immediate news coming out now. I know people asking are genuinely concerned about Anthony and the lack of news is hard to bear, but bugging people and ignoring their requests isn’t going to get any answers <3

Hopefully we will get an update soon!

I’ve not linked to the million of articles about events filling my search feed as they are all saying pretty much the same things (KROQ Weenie Roast cancelled just before RHCP were due to go on stage because Anthony Kiedis was taken to hospital. They often mention Flea’s speech at Weenie Roast to the crowd giving an explanation and also Chad’s tweet wishing Anthony well, before quoting the statement on the official website that today’s (Tuesday) iHeart Radio Launch Party for ‘The Getaway’ has been postponed and that Anthony has intestinal flu). However, I will mention this news report from The Orange County Register as it contains some slightly different details about on what happened on Saturday :



Backstage, leading up to the announcement, there was a sense of chaos as the Chili Peppers and musicians from other acts conferred with production staff. No one would say anything further about Kiedis or what had happened.

Flea and drummer Chad Smith had watched Blink-182 – the surprise guest this year – from the side of the stage, with Smith particularly animated as he studied drummer Travis Barker and sang along.

But as Empire of the Sun played after Blink-182, members of Red Hot Chili Peppers, as well as KROQ DJs and members of No Doubt, were seen running toward the artists’ trailers.

Source and full story: The Orange County Register

Thanks again to Angra for the link.

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Anthony Kiedis Still to Perform at Rock In The Range?

Local news sites in Ohio are reporting that the Red Hot Chili Peppers will still be playing at Rock in the Range at the weekend despite Anthony Kiedis’ hospitalization on Saturday. Although tomorrow’s iHeart Radio launch party for the new RHCP album, ‘The Getaway,’ has been postponed, a spokesperson for the band has confirmed that the band are expected to go ahead with the Ohio concert as scheduled. This extract is taken from The Columbus Dispatch:



The Red Hot Chili Peppers are still expected to perform at Rock on the Range on Sunday even though lead vocalist Anthony Kiedis was hospitalized over the weekend, a spokesperson confirmed on Monday.

Source and full news story

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Anthony Kiedis Health Update

A close friend to Anthony Kiedis has messaged me just to say they’ve received an email from him saying he’s feeling a lot better. (They have asked not to be named but it is a trusted source). Anthony’s mum, Peggy, said last night that he was feeling a bit better so hopefully things are moving in the right direction.

Apparently Anthony is still in hospital according to a news report from California. Sorry I have tried to upload it and I can’t get it to play so you can down load it from the link or view on the Facebook page as it would play on there. It states AK is still in hospital, shows a clip of Flea telling the audience at Weenie Roast, Chad’s tweet and the fact that the iHeart launch party has to be postponed: IMG_0419

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RHCP Album Launch Party Postponed

I don’t think this will be a massive surprise to anyone but the launch party scheduled for RHCP’s ‘The Getaway’ on Tuesday has been postponed due to Anthony Kiedis’ illness and hospitalization. It has also been announced that Anthony is suffering from intestinal flu:



Anthony and iHeart Radio update

Due to Anthony Kiedis’ hospitalization from complications from the intestinal flu on Saturday evening, the Red Hot Chili Peppers regretfully must postpone their upcoming concert for iHeart Radio on May 17th. They would like to extend their gratitude to the fans for the outpouring of well wishes. Anthony is expected to make a full recovery soon.


But there is some ‘good’ news. Anthony’s mother, Peggy, has just told me that he is feeling a little better tonight so hopefully things are improving and moving in the right direction <3

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Request from Anthony’s Mother

Anthony Kiedis’ mother, Peggy, has just made an update on Anthony’s father’s page so it reaches out to a wider audience than her own page would do as people have ignored a request she made earlier. Please respect her requests. Fan pages like this one can bring any updates from Peggy for now (her update was the one I gave out earlier about AK being OK and not needing an operation) so she can have some peace. I’ve added the message here to try and reach more people. Her son might be the one in hospital but she needs our love and support too.

If there’s any more news from any proper source (and no, I don’t mean the gossip fest that’s going on right now all over social media! Grrr!), I will post it as soon as I can (I need to sleep too!). I know everyone around here really cares about Anthony and we all want news but AK and his family really need to come first right now <3

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Update on Anthony Kiedis

News is coming through (family member & verified source) that Anthony is going to be OK and that no surgery is needed. Sorry there were no other details but that contains the most important information.

Obviously we will update if needed.

We still send Anthony (and his family) our love and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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Get well soon, Anthony!



I can’t add these to the comments below as they are pictures from the Facebook pages so I’ll post them here:

kiedis-get-well-1 kiedis-get-well-2

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News Report on Anthony Kiedis

Many thanks to Angra for this video; it’s a news report on RHCP’s cancellation of their Weenie Roast appearance and Anthony Kiedis’ admittance to hospital:

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Anthony Kiedis Taken to Hospital…


News is coming from Weenie Roast that the Red Hot Chili Peppers have had to cancel their appearance due to Anthony Kiedis being taken to hospital. The rest of the band came onto stage well before the group’s scheduled appearance to say they would not be playing as they were taking Anthony to the hospital. Flea made the announcement.


There’s now a video online of the announcement which you can see HERE

Update: Billboard have updated their news story (link below) to say:

According to a rep for the radio station, Kiedis was taken from the venue in an ambulance suffering from extreme stomach pain. A diagnosis is unknown at this time.

Nancy Mack, Chad Smith’s wife (Chad is the drummer for RHCP in case you don’t know) has tweeted:



David Mushegain has posted this on Instagram:




There are currently no more details. We will obviously update if we find out any more. Billboard are now running the story HERE

Sending our thoughts and love to Anthony, his family and the band <3

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RHCP The Getaway Release Party



The first information about this launch party was from the radio site and it made it seem as though the launch party took place on June 17th with streaming of the show online. However, there is now information on the official RHCP website which says the concert will actually take place on May 17th! And it will then be broadcast on the evening of June 17th to coincide with the release date of the album. The new information also states that Tuesday’s concert will take place at  iHeartRadio Theater in Burbank, CA.

Original Post:

The Red Hot Chili Peppers will perform songs for the first time from ‘The Getaway’ during an exclusive concert in Los Angeles! The concert will take place on 17th June to coincide with the album release date.  The  Red Hot Chili Peppers iHeartRadio Album Release Party will be hosted by Harms on AT&T LIVE. The RHCP set will apparently also include some Chili Peppers’ favourites such as ‘Scar Tissue’ and ‘Dani California along with the new numbers. The concert will also be streamed.

How To Stream The Concert

If you can’t make it to the show, you can tune in free for a live video stream of the exclusive Red Hot Chili Peppers iHeartRadio Album Release Party on AT&T LIVE on the Audience Network on Friday, June 17th (album release day) at 9 p.m. ET  on DIRECTV Channel 239 or U-verse Channel 1114 or on*

(*Note: this is the information from the website. I’m not sure if anyone outside the US will be able to listen- I know a load of us couldn’t listen to the first play of ‘Dark Necessities’).


Thanks to Angra for this info!


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