Anthony Kiedis at Bonnaroo Festival

Last night (11th June, 2017), the Red Hot Chili Peppers headlined at the Bonnaroo Festival in Manchester, Tennessee.

Here are some screen shots of Anthony performing with the band:

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Anthony Kiedis on The Crew

The trailer for this came out absolutely ages ago (a group of guys go round to AK’s place and try to play a DVD) but the full episode didn’t emerge… But we now have it. Enjoy!

Anthony Kiedis on The Crew

Under the video box, select WATCH MOVIE otherwise you’ll just see the trailer. They start talking about meeting Anthony around 13 minutes in and it goes to arriving at his house about 14 minutes. The section featuring him ends just after 19 minutes.

Screen Shots:

A big thank you to my super detective for this!

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Sonic Interview with Anthony Kiedis

Another new interview with Anthony Kiedis:

It currently says part 1 so I assume more is to follow.

UPDATE: The full interview can be seen HERE

Thanks to Anne!

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Calgary Show

Good quality footage from RHCP’s Calgary show- nearly an hour long.

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Power 97 Interview with Anthony Kiedis

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Video Released for Goodbye Angels

RHCP have released the new video to accompany Goodbye Angels today. Another day and another teenage girl… Some great live shots of the band (from the recent concert in Atlanta, Georgia) interspersed within a story line of the said girl behaving badly and gatecrashing the concert.

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Back to ’88!

So glad that the souvenirs have evolved and you can now buy t-shirts (who would have had their $10 ready to buy? 😛 ) hahhaha A brilliant little interview from the original master recording made in 1988. Many thanks to Richard Alan White.

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Finally! Encore was played at the RHCP concert last night in Jacksonville, Florida

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Removal of Photos

I’ve reluctantly had to remove most of the photo galleries and will be removing lots more photos as soon as I can following a massive fine that I’ve been issued for the use of one photo in 2011 on my other website. I’m trying to fight it but reading about it online it seems I will have to pay up (£460) and as I make no money from these websites, I really can’t afford to be fined again (not that I can afford this one) and it seems to be big business right now especially by some of the large photo companies who then things onto pass the photos onto collection agencies. My photos will stay and those of fans which I’ve been allowed to use but I can’t take the risk of anything else and as I don’t have time to check things, it’s easier to remove them all. The other option is that the whole website goes and right now, on top of everything else, maybe that’s the only option but I don’t want to do that…

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