Anthony Kiedis in Trend Prive Magazine

Anthony Kiedis with RHCP features in the previous edition (number 26; number 27 now seems to be out) of the Trend Privé Magazine. The band do not appear to be on the print edition cover of the magazine but there is a digital version with them on. The magazine is available to read online and the Chili Peppers feature in an article about Norwegian photographer, Julie Christine Krøvel. There is one photo of the band in the article but there is no actual mention of them.

You can view the magazine here: Trend Prive #26 The article on Krøvel starts on page 166 and RHCP feature on pages 168-9. You can also purchase the magazine HERE

Thanks to RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS CLUB MÉXICO on Facebook for posting the cover so I was alerted to go off and look for the magazine. 🙂

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Anthony Kiedis at the RHCP Chicago Shows


Photo by kind permission of Ken Rotberg


Recently, we’ve not been posting about individual RHCP shows, but there are some really high quality videos from the two Chicago shows that RHCP have just played and they deserve a post of their own! I’ve added a couple of them below but the full listings can be seen here:


RHCP Chicago 30th June, 2017

RHCP Chicago 1st July, 2017

Many thanks to Ken for all of this!

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Video for Blackie

I know this is short notice but I’ve been away for a few days and catching up on life… Some of my friends on Facebook have set up this project and have asked me to share it for them. They are collating a video for Blackie. Here are the details from their Facebook page:


A friend has asked us to try help make a Blackie Dammett thank you video, what we need from you is a short video of you expressing your thanks or showing your love for Blackie, please keep the videos positive, no direct mention of the big chill please, we are particularly hoping old Rockinfreakapotamus fan club members will make some videos and share some stories.
You can email your videos to or if you are using a sharing website please use the same email address, please try keep the videos positive in context, we hope to get this video to Blackies family if possible so we can show what he meant to so many of us,
Video campaign will run for one week, please share with your friends, the more videos we get the better the video we send to Blackie.”

The final day to submit videos is Monday 3rd July.

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Sending Blackie Love…


Anthony spoke about his father’s illness last night during the Grand Rapids concert and asked everyone to send Blackie their love. It was so moving, heartbreaking and beautiful.

“…If you could be so kind. My father is fixin’ to die and that’s OK. He’s had a wild, great journey and a helluva colourful badass life but he’s sick and he’s gonna to die now. He’s pretty lost; he’s just a spirit but I would like for everyone just to take ten seconds to send him some love, to send his spirit some love because pretty soon he will be sailingon and I would appreciate it if his home town could send him love for a whole ten seconds of love. Let’s give it up. Ten! [interval of silence]
Thank you. Let’s do this tune. Appreciate it.”

The band then played Soul To Squeeze.

Many thanks to Bud Ratcliffe for sharing this beautiful moment. I don’t know if another version of this has been posted anywhere yet but the one I’ve seen has settings set so it can’t be shared directly. It is on Blackie’s new Facebook page JOHN KIEDIS  but I’m not sure how visible it is:
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So Anthony, Of All of the Questions I Can Ask You…

An interview with Anthony by Brian West for Y108 before RHCP’s show at FirstOntario Centre in Hamilton. Usual questions and then it gets random e.g. which way does he put toilet paper on the holder… Bizarre! And AK is either tired or not into it.


You can view video clips from the interview or listen to the whole thing here: Y108 Video Interview

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Snippet of Kreayshawn’s Video for Maggie


A brief snippet of a video has been released which is apparently from the original video for ‘The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie’ that was directed by Kreayshawn but ditched in favour of a second video that was released:

“We had one sort of failed attempt at making a video for this song, which was indoors and just kind of dark and dank and not really fun or anything, so we thought, ‘Let’s go with the opposite of that.’ And the opposite of that was a rooftop.”
Source: MTV interview

The snippet shows a couple of live scenes of the band and then a scene where Anthony Kiedis shuts the door on an ambulance containing a girl and Josh Klinghoffer. Anthony turns to the camera and shrugs his arms. Both Klinghoffer and Kiedis are dressed as medics.

Screen Shots:


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Anthony Kiedis in Gadget’s Electric Gadget

The trailer for this program came out way back in 2008 and the episode was probably shot the year before. However, the actual episode was never released until last year. My friend finally managed to track it down so here it is! It follows progress on a car that is turned into an electric vehicle for Anthony. He chose a 1967 Camaro to be converted because he had previously had a black one:




“I have chosen a 1967 Camaro. It’s a car I had about fifteen years ago; it was kind of a sentimental favourite of mine. It was the first car I had actually purchased with money I had made from playing music so it’s got a little nostalgic value to me.”


Some of the episode is shot in Anthony’s home and he also visits the garage and helps to work on the car during the conversion process. The episode ends with the car being delivered to Anthony’s Malibu home and Anthony drives it.


Screen Shots:


I’ve updated the page about Anthony’s house using this video.

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Anthony Kiedis at Bonnaroo Festival

Last night (11th June, 2017), the Red Hot Chili Peppers headlined at the Bonnaroo Festival in Manchester, Tennessee.

Here are some screen shots of Anthony performing with the band:

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Anthony Kiedis on The Crew

The trailer for this came out absolutely ages ago (a group of guys go round to AK’s place and try to play a DVD) but the full episode didn’t emerge… But we now have it. Enjoy!

Anthony Kiedis on The Crew

Under the video box, select WATCH MOVIE otherwise you’ll just see the trailer. They start talking about meeting Anthony around 13 minutes in and it goes to arriving at his house about 14 minutes. The section featuring him ends just after 19 minutes.

Screen Shots:

A big thank you to my super detective for this!

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Sonic Interview with Anthony Kiedis

Another new interview with Anthony Kiedis:

It currently says part 1 so I assume more is to follow.

UPDATE: The full interview can be seen HERE

Thanks to Anne!

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