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I know this is not AK news but I’d really like to share anyway as this was such an amazingly fun thing to be part of. An online friend, Stephen, came up with an idea of a group of people around the world adding art to a RHCP t-shirt and I was delighted to be part of that group. Loads of friendships were made and it was fun seeing the t-shirt travel from one person to another literally around the world until it made its final journey back to Stephen in Ireland. The t-shirt even happened to end up seeing the Chili Peppers at the Isle of Wight festival in June 2014 (several of us contributors managed to meet up at the concert too).

I’m Rebecca… and my photo was taken at the World Heritage site not far from my home here in England; it’s a place called Ironbridge so called because the first ever iron bridge in the world was constructed over the River Severn there. I chose the site to represent my area and also because Under the Bridge was the song that started the whole Red Hot Chili Peppers experience for me so it seemed fitting to combine the two. My art selection was chosen as it seemed so apt for the whole experience and I decided to embroider my contribution to be different (and allow some of the black space on the sleeve to be utilized).

Thanks to Stephen and everyone else involved in the whole project! Thanks to Trevor and Billie for putting all of the photos together and making this brill video.

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Anthony Decorates Surfboard for Charity


Anthony Kiedis is one of the people who has contributed to this year’s ‘The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel Holiday Surfboard Auction’ which benefits the Surfers Healing Foundation. The unique surfboards are auctioned to raise money to support children with autism allowing  them to benefit from the effects of surfing.

Bidding link (when I posted this the bid for Anthony’s surfboard was $700). Bidding closes at noon (local time) on 31st December, 2015.

Many thanks to Anne for the link!

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Tony Woolliscroft Photos


Many of you will know Tony Woolliscroft’s work already and if you don’t know his name, I’m sure you’ll recognise his images as he’s taken so many iconic shots of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Anthony Kiedis over the years! He is also the photographer behind the book ‘Me and My Friends: Red Hot Chili Peppers’ which features many of his photos of RHCP… But now, if you fancy something bigger, Tony is selling prints through his website: Tony Woolliscroft Photographer or you can contact him through his Facebook page. All prints will be currently be an A2 size and will be numbered and signed by the man himself. I’ve also checked with Tony and he’s willing to post worldwide. Might be a time to start dropping hints for Christmas presents!!!

I have a couple of things by Tony hanging in my RHCP room  but I’ve noticed one of the photos in the current sale is the same as this one of mine, so this is what it looks like framed and on the wall to give you an idea of how great they look :)


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Anthony Kiedis: Tattoos Page Updated

I’ve spent the way watching Red Hot Chili Peppers’ videos- such a hardship! But it was all done for research…

I’ve been meaning to update the page on Anthony’s tattoos for ages as the information was very general and I wanted to see if I could find more specific dates for each of the tattoos but it was hard to find such information.. Then one day, I was watching a video and thought AK has no tattoos there and realised that videos might be the best way to get the information I wanted. Hence the massive video fest today! I can see RHCP onstage if I close my eyes as I’ve watched so many!

The tattoo page has now been completely re-written with dates for every tattoo that Anthony has- some are more specific than others but each one is tied down to within a year/a few months. Every tattoo has a photo and I’ve added any other information about each tattoo that I have e.g. quotes from books/magazine articles. The historian in me (my day job!) has made sure that everything is cross-referenced with links to back up the dates I’m suggesting.

I learned something totally new today too! I’d always assumed the tattoos were added in pairs as the two Indian chief tattoos were added consecutively so I thought the dagger and the arm band pairs were done likewise. Found out I was totally wrong on that assumption!
View the new post HERE


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Rockinfreakpotamus Magazines

I’ve been lucky enough to get six of these magazines and today I’ve scanned and uploaded the last three of them to The Chili Source. One of them, contains an account of Anthony’s journey to India in 1997 so I’m adding the relevant bits here:

Anthony Kiedis in India, February-March 1997

During February and March of 1997 Anthony traveled across the ancient and eclectic country of India, mingling with it’s one billion people and their countless languages, religions and philosophies. Arriving first at the international airport in Bombay on the western coast of the subcontinent, he connected with a smaller plane and proceeded down to Thuruvananthaparam (Trivandrum) on the southwest tip of the country where he met up with with two British girls, Nadia from Hong Kong and Pip from London. Together, starting at the Arabian Sea, they boated through the back water of Cochi to a wild life preserve and tiger sanctuary in the mountains. After an extended educational bout with the animals and enchanted evenings spent sleeping on’ a house boat, they returned to Thuruvananthaparam and flew inland to Bangalore. From there they traveled by car to Puttaparthi, the home of Sai Baba, a renowned “avatar” (one sent by God to help a troubled world). Joining his many followers they stayed for a few days at his “ashram” (a spiritual retreat) and attended the twice daily “darshans” (audiences with a deity or saint) where they basked in Sai Baba’s spiritual light and received his religious teachings.

Eventually, Anthony left his English pals and flew to Madras on the east coast. From there he caught a 26 hour train ride along the Bay of Bengal up to Bhubaneswar, where he spent two days in a very poor tribal area checking in with the local people and visiting the area’s temples.

Next he flew to his base in northern India, the home of sisters Shanti and Divia in the capital city of New Delhi. From there is was another four hour train ride and a rugged journey by Jeep into the mountains above Rishikesh, where he spent the next five days in the small village of Shivpuri on the shore of the Ganges River where the clear glacier fed head waters flow out of the Himalaya Mountains. By day he white water rafted the mighty Ganges; at night he slept on the white sandy beaches of this the holiest river in the world.

After a return to base, it was time for his sojourn by train and car into the mountains northwest of Delhi to Dharmshala—the Tibetan refugee city and home of the Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibet. When China invaded Tibet in 1959, India allowed the Dalai Lama to set up a refugee city in the mountains where 20,000 of Tibet’s four million people now live. Anthony had the phenomenal good fortune to have an audience with the Dalai Lama which left him brimming with joy and tears of elation. He strongly encourages everyone who reads this to get involved with the liberation of Tibet from China.

Anthony spent time teaching English to some of the Buddhist refugees, who he described as laughing, happy, and non-judgmental people who eschew hate and revenge despite the ordeals they’ve suffered. The standard sentence for demonstrating against China’s occupation of their homeland is three years imprisonment, beating and torture. After their release from jail they must then cross the Himalayas on foot to reach Dharamshala, a journey that can take weeks, and many of them are sick and elderly. “Step up to the plate for Tibet”, says Anthony, “and the daunting task of getting China out of Tibet.”

After five days in Dharamshala Anthony returned to Delhi to leave for Australia but couldn’t get a flight, so with time to kill he traveled to Agra where he hooked up with an “old school” guide who took him to both the Taj Mahal and the abandoned city of Fatehpur-Sikri. Finally, it was back to Shanti and Divia’s in Delhi, and then his flight out of India and back to Flea’s home in Australia for some fun in the sun, swimming, surfing and a memorable side trip to the great city of Sydney.

Anthony’s final words: “Free Tibet!”

This is from Rockinfreakapotamus issue 10 if you are interested in the rest of the magazine- lots of pictures of Anthony Kiedis.

The six magazines I have are all listed HERE If anyone can help out with the issues I’m missing (either to scan, photograph or sell), I’m really interested as I’d love to get them all online in recognition of the hard work that Blackie Dammett put into the fan club.


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Details For Men 1991


I’ve just added another magazine scan and transcript to The Chili Source of ‘Details For Men’ magazine from 1991. It’s a really zany interview that leaps around; essentially a (disjointed) history of the band but with loads of asides and snippets of information.

Full scans and transcript: Details For Men

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More: Anthony Kiedis at Sunday’s Lakers Game

A very brief video…

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And More! From October 28th

More photos of Anthony Kiedis but this time at the Lakers game against the Minnesota Timberwolves on 28th October 2015. Anthony is talking to a woman – any ideas? Sorry only have the thumbnails photos- original page HERE



There is also this one on Getty Images

Many thanks to Maria & Shalhevet for the link.

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Anthony Kiedis at LA Lakers Game

It seems Anthony Kiedis and Flea spent the evening of Anthony’s birthday watching the LA Lakers play the Dallas Mavericks at the Staples Centre in LA.



More thumbnails HERE and a photo on Getty Images

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Halloween 2015 Part 2

There are some other photos on Isopix that show Anthony Kiedis driving to a party later in the evening (see earlier post for photos of him trick or tricking with Everly Bear) with Heather Christie (Everly Bear’s mother- she’s on some of the pics of them trick or treating as well ) on the bonnet of the car.



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