Animals Asia Anthony Kiedis Video Teaser


A few weeks ago we ran an article (see here) about Anthony Kiedis appearing on an Animals Asia campaign photo shoot; a short trailer has now been released of Anthony speaking on behalf of this same campaign on Vogue Italia :

 Text: È una pratica inumana. Guardando le immagini delle “fattorie della bile” l’unico pensiero che viene in mente è proprio questo. Diecimila orsi tibetani (detti orsi della luna) vivono segregati in gabbie minuscole e usati solamente per la produzione di bile estratta tramite cateteri inseriti direttamente nella cistifellea.

La bile di orso tibetano è infatti un ingrediente importante nella medicina tradizionale cinese i cui benefici per la salute umana, però, sono tutti da confermare (e anzi sembra che siano davvero minimi). Per cercare di mettere fine a questa tortura, pratica anche osteggiata dallo stesso governo cinese, a maggio partirà la campagna Let a Bear Sh!t in the Wood”, iniziativa realizzata da Animals Asia e sostenuta da numerose celebrities tra cui Sharon e Ozzy Osbourne, Simon Le Bon, Anthony Kiedis, Moby, Duff McKagan, Steve-O, Matt Lucas.
La campagna vedrà impegnate in prima linea le tre modelle Katarina Benzova, in veste di fotografa della campagna, Shaina Danziger che girerà un cortometraggio ispirato al video della finta band Spinal Tap, e Shannon Rusbuldt. Nella nostra gallery potete vedere un teaser di quella che è una campagna importante per dire basta alla prigionia degli orsi della luna.

Google Translation:
It is an inhuman practice. Looking at pictures of “bear farms” the only thought that comes to mind is this. Ten thousand Tibetan bears (called moon bears) live segregated in tiny cages and used only for the production of bile extracted through catheters inserted directly into the gallbladder.
The bear bile Tibetan is in fact an important ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine whose beneficial to human health, however, are all to be confirmed (and indeed seem to be very minimal). To try and put an end to this torture, practice also opposed by the Chinese government, in May will start the campaign Let Bear Sh! T in the Wood “, an initiative created by Animals Asia and supported by numerous celebrities including Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, Simon Le Bon, Anthony Kiedis, Moby, Duff McKagan, Steve-O, Matt Lucas.
The campaign will involve frontline three models Katarina Benzova, as a photographer of the campaign, which will run Shaina Danziger a short film inspired by the video of the fake band Spinal Tap, and Shannon Rusbuldt. In our gallery you can see a teaser of what is a major campaign to put a stop to the captivity of the moon bears.

Many thanks to Andjelka for the information on this.

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Anthony Kiedis Attends UFC 18th April 2015

Anthony Kiedis was at the Prudential Center, Newark, New Jersey for UFC Machida vs. Rockhold on April 18, 2015.

Anthony Kiedis & Robbie Lawler

Anthony Kiedis & Robbie Lawler

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RHCP Featured in Jim Leatherman Photographic Exhibition

The City Arts Factory in Orlando, Florida, is hosting an exhibition of photographs spanning a thirty year period by photographer Jim Leatherman. The exhibition includes photos Leatherman took of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and in the account below Leatherman remembers giving Anthony Kiedis copies of the photos at a later RHCP concert he went to:


In the front row, sweat-soaked victims braced themselves against stage-diving kicks to the face that caused noses and gums to gush. On stage, the Red Hot Chili Peppers tore shirtless through songs off recently released The Uplift Mofo Party Plan. It was 1987, Flea had maybe one tattoo, Hillel Slovak was still alive and Orlando photographer Jim Leatherman drove six hours to plant himself in this seedy part of Atlanta to watch the Chili Peppers’ bloody blossom. From the second story of the venue where Leatherman perched, his shutter snapped an overhead perspective of an intense shared experience – a memory that three years later, when the Chili Peppers played Visage Nightclub in Orlando, brought singer Anthony Kiedis to tears when Leatherman showed up with the photos.

“Timing is the most important thing for me,” Leatherman says. “I’m not just there to take a picture. I want to wait for the exact moment. I’m always looking through the viewfinder, always looking through the screen. Waiting, waiting, waiting.”

Leatherman approached the rock star and shyly gifted him the photos, planning to simply pass them on and then back off. (Note that while his camera intrudes fearlessly to catch intimate moments during pivotal performances, Leatherman’s social demeanor is humbly unobtrusive.) Instead, Kiedis barked for him to come closer, and the pair sat for nearly half an hour while Kiedis went through the photos and reflected on his friendship with original Chili Peppers guitarist Slovak, who had died between the Atlanta show and the Orlando date. According to Leatherman, Kiedis cried off and on during the exchange.

“At the time, Mother’s Milk had just come out, so [Red Hot Chili Peppers] were starting to get really big,” Leatherman says. “I just thought he would be this kind of weird, scary party dude that really wouldn’t give me the time of day, and he turned out to be the sweetest, most emotional guy that I’ll never forget. It was cool, and just to have somebody appreciate my pictures was even more cool.”

The exhibition runs from its opening today (April 16th 2015; exhibition opens at 6 p.m) until May 15th at the  City Arts Factory, 29 S. Orange Avenue, Orlando, Florida.

Full story and source: Orlando Weekly

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Anthony Kiedis to receive UCLA George and Ira Gershwin Award

The UCLA Student Alumni Association is to present their annual ‘George and Ira Gershwin Award for Lifetime Musical Achievement’  for 2015  to Anthony Kiedis:


Congratulations Anthony! We can’t think of anyone who deserves this more!

Source UCLA Alumni website

Tickets go on sale on Friday 17 th April (this week) at 7AM at CTO Ticket information

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LA Times Article

The LA Times is running a brief article about Anthony Kiedis attending a basketball match with Flea and David Mushegain as his old school, Fairfax High.



 ”If you were at the Fairfax gym on Tuesday night, you would have been able to see two of the band members from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Flea (bass) and lead vocalist Anthony Kiedis, cheering for the Lions from courtside seats.

He looks to be having more fun than going to a Lakers game.”


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Anthony Kiedis with Flea at Fairfax High

“just a couple kids that met a long time ago on the bleachers of this gym”

Photo by David Mushegain

Photo by David Mushegain


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Anthony and Wanessa on the Beach

New photos of Anthony Kiedis and Wanessa Milhomem walking across a beach together:

beach-anthony-kiedis-wanessa-milhomem-1 beach-anthony-kiedis-wanessa-milhomem-2 beach-anthony-kiedis-wanessa-milhomem-3

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Let a Bear…

Another photo from the photo shoot for the Animals Asia campaign:



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Anthony Kiedis and Wanessa Milhomen Arriving at LA Lakers Game

There are photos posted earlier today of Anthony Kiedis & Wanessa Milhomen during the game but this brief video of them (it names her wrongly as Helena Vestergaard) arriving has just been released:

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Anthony Kiedis & Animals Asia Campaign

Anthony Kiedis took part in a photo shoot for an as yes unreleased  campaign by Animals Asia at Milk Studios in LA.  Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne were also involved.

animals-asia-anthony-kiedis-1 animals-asia-anthony-kiedis-2 animals-asia-anthony-kiedis-3 animals-asia-anthony-kiedis-5

Photo source

Thanks Nadya for the info!

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