Q Overload!

I was very kindly given virtually the entire backlog of Q magazines. I’m wading my way through them looking for RHCP related stuff and today I’ve scanned the things I’ve found so far (about halfway through the magazines). Here’s a round up of what I’ve scanned and uploaded to date:

There are a number of concert adverts which I’ve put together on one page as it’s not worth posting them separately: Concert ads page

1989 September Q Magazine (36) Review of Mother’s Milk

1992 May Q Magazine (68) News snippet with photo of Anthony Kiedis and Madonna.

1994 May Q Magazine (92) Flea briefly mentioned in an article about Courtney Love:

1995 May Q Magazine (104) RHCP’s Greatest Hits included on an imports section.

1996 February  Q Magazine (113) News snippet about North American tour being postponed after Chad broke his wrist. Also OHM named in a best albums list.

1996 March Q Magazine (114) AK mentioned in an article on Alanis Morrisette

1997 November Q Magazine (134) News snippet about AK with his hand injury

1999 August Q Magazine (155) Californication on top 40 albums list

2002 May Q Magazine (190) Article about forthcoming new RHCP album.

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Anthony Kiedis Laying it down… New Interview

Anthony was interviewed for As It Lays (episode 26, Season 2), a few months ago, but the interview has only just been released. Full transcript below.



Transcript: As It Lays

Interviewer: Thank you for tuning into As it Lays. Todays’ subject is Anthony Kiedis. Anthony, thank you for being here.

AK: Thanks for having me. As It lays? Interesting choice…
Interviewer: We’ll just get started with the questions.

AK: Good idea.

Interviewer: What’s one thing that you believe would make the world a better place?

AK: Umm. Just one thing? My honest answer would be kindness. My sort of self-centred answer would be music, and super-centric answer would be the air that you can breathe having just come from Cairo where the simple, taken for granted, act of breath is not an option. Let’s go with kindness. I feel like when you get to the metamorphical gates of [Saint] Peter, really all they are going to ask you is, ‘Were you kind?’ And I don’t know, maybe the whole point of this little, tiny, blink of an eye that we are here, is just to decrease the suffering through kindness and other thoughtful acts. It could be painting, it could be caregiving, it could be just smiling. That’s all.

Interviewer: Did you ever fake it until you made it?

AK: [Laughs] I like the question and I’m not against that principle, but I can’t say I did fake it until I made it; it doesn’t quite rhyme as well, but yeah, no, I always felt it until I dealt it.

Interviewer: What age would you pick if you had to stay that age forever?

AK: I like your questions. Erm… so when I was 11, I was so enamoured with life that I had, umm, a little steering wheel, handlebars of a bicycle that I had stuck down a pipe, and I was 10 feet up in the air, sitting on something else and I was just next to a cherry tree, and I didn’t have this weird thing with God yet, I didn’t have any sort of relationship, and I just looked at the sky and I was like, ‘God I am loving 11. Can I please just stay 11? This is all good, I don’t wanna move on from here, I like this.’ That was then, that was 1971, 1? 1973. So now, I would just, if I could twist time and age, I would want to see I like this this is all good I don’t wanna move on from here I like in five hundred years from now. So, let’s say 556.

Interviewer: What’s the spiciest thing you have ever eaten?

AK: What or who? [glaring stare from interviewer!] Is that what? What. I don’t tolerate spice that well, genetically a little bit intolerance of the gnarly spice kingdom, ummm… but there was an experience with a Bolivian girl in Indonesia once that was pretty spicy.

Interviewer: Is there anywhere you’ve been where you aren’t allowed back?

AK: I did get eighty-sixed from the Rainbow Bar and Grill when I was 16 but eventually, they had to lift the ban. Ummm (smiling)… It’s a true story. Er, Canada wasn’t that happy inviting me into their country for a while [throws hands into air, shrugging]. You know the most polite place on earth, and you know, they weren’t asking me to come back but [sigh], all things must pass.

Interviewer: Recently have you come to any profound revelations about yourself?

AK: Almost every day. Err… My most with my most recent revelation is, even though I’m sober I’m still a flaming addict of anything that presents itself, that goes down those subways of your brain, but at the same time, so I’ve got this powerful addiction personality inside my head, but also the ability to just say well, that’s what I am at this moment in time and I’m okay with that. Cut to Tom Hardy, has a good point about being grateful, to have snacks and be alone in your house.

Interviewer: Who deserves more credit?

AK: I would say the mothers who sing like angels while they’re doing the dishes, after having fed the five kids, in Oklahoma.

Interviewer: What takes up too much of your time?

AK: The motherfucking Internet. And all of its evil wizardry. Woo! Yeah, I don’t like the whole government Silicon Valley let’s, I mean we’re already sensitive creatures, and they just got this by the shorthairs with this technology. It’s a little maddening. But, you know. It takes up too much of my time that’s my fault.

Interviewer: What news headline would you most like to read?

AK: Oof! Well my goodness. Errmm… [Intake of breath]. I’m really thinking about this, I guess I’ll go with the aliens have landed

Interviewer: Is this something you love most about your home?

AK: What Tom Hardy said, being alone in your house with your snacks is a greatly undervalued experience and we, me, bitch and moan and complain and get all anxious and twisted and neurotic and sociopathic, and hey, I’m just home alone peacefully with some snacks. So, I like the snacks but really, of course, my roommate is my favourite thing about my house. He is 11 and we share the same last name.

Interviewer: What’s the most memorable thing for you about high school?

AK: My friends. So, I was supposed to go to University High in West LA, and I had been lying about my address the whole time I was at Ralph Waldo Emerson Junior School and I show up to high school with all of my team, my friends, my people, my little pothead squad, and they’re like, ‘Eh! You can’t go here! You don’t live when you said you lived.’ And I was like, ‘whaaat?’ and they were like, ‘Yeah, you’ve been lying to us the whole the whole time.’ I was like, yeah but okay, what about now and they were like, ‘No, you can’t come.’ So, against my will, I was forced into Fairfax High School, seems like a calamity but that’s where I met the friends, I would actually live my life with forever; the Fleas, the Hillels, the Jack Irons. So, it was a cruel twist of fate that actually opened up my entire life to be what it is today. Long winded I know.

Interviewer: Do you have any running group texts?

AK: I hate group texts. I’m a Scorpio, I like an individual discussion, a little bit of privacy. You start seeing all of these names, not for me, so no I don’t have a running group text. Every now and again then I succumb to a group text to get something done, but not for me.

Interviewer: What’s something you like to do the old-fashioned way?

AK: Live.

Interviewer: Do we make our own luck?

AK: I would say we make a bunch of our own luck, but I would say the cosmos does deliver a blast of luck as well, and maybe we made that luck in a previous lifetime, who knows? Spin that wheel of fortune and find out.

Interviewer: Dinosaurs or dragons?

AK: I’m dinos. I’m a dad; I lived through the re-education of dinosaur technology with my boy. It was fun, it was tangible, it was magical. And if you ever get a chance, watch a little animated dino documentary called Broken Jaw. Heart-warming.

Interviewer: What would be the most difficult thing about having you as a roommate?

AK: The most? I think I’m accidentally bossy; that would be a real pain in the ass for anyone.

Interviewer: Is there a quote that’s always stuck with you?

AK: To thine own self be true.
Interviewer: What is something you wish you could erase from memory, so you could experience it for the first time, all over again?

AK: The 1970s.

Interviewer: What does friendship mean to you?

AK: Well, it’s a little bit of a magical moment when you realise that you want to share a road with somebody. It’s a pretty good feeling. And a way more regular occurrence younger in life. I watch my son develop friendships, make new friends, he’s a master at it. He homes in on the kid he wants to hang out with, and they become friends, which I did as a kid myself and now it’s like, do I really wanna be friends with that guy? I don’t know if I can be friends now. The older you get, the harder it gets to make new friends. Suddenly, it’s like you’ve got friends from forever. Did I get off the subject? [laughs] I don’t know; stay young at heart when making new friends.

Interviewer: What do you want the world to know about Anthony Kiedis?

AK: Nothing. Less is more in this case. I wrote a book once and it was a big mistake. I forgot that people were going to read it, or might read it, and then they read it and I was like well what was I thinking? Why did I do that? You don’t have to know anything about me.

Interviewer: Well, that’s all the time we have for today. Thank you so much for being here.

AK: Absolute pleasure.

Interviewer: And thank you for watching. Thank you [shakes Anthony’s hand].

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Surprise School Performance by RHCP

Anthony Kiedis (he’s at the end of the Instagram video) with RHCP performance today at Markham Middle School, Watts, Los Angeles. It’s a four song set:

Can’t Stop
Suck My Kiss
By The Way
Give It Away

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Got to check out a pretty cool local band this afternoon at Markham Middle School. They are going to do amazing things over there with a year round music program for the kids! Music education is so important and we have to keep it alive for future generations. I’m so blessed to be able to have received it, see my son receiving it, and now these kids getting an opportunity is just amazing! I also think this band has a bright future ahead of them! But honestly, if it weren’t for this band, I promise you I wouldn’t have played music growing up and I wouldn’t have started @encoremusic. They were a huge influence and I still remember learning Under The Bridge as a teen. . . #inspiration #rhcp #musiceducation #supportmusic

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Markham middle school , Watts , LA CA 7-12-19

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Polite Request Concerning Instagram

I share my magazine collection with other RHCP fans as a way of giving something back to the community. It costs me a considerable amount of money, not only for the magazines, but for the website hosting and domain names. Unlike social media accounts, websites are not free and have to be paid for. I don’t share them as an Instagram resource that other people can just take for free because they can’t be bothered to source their own material. Each page I scan takes about 5-10 minutes to actually scan and then upload, and transcripts can take a couple of hours for the lengthy ones. Plus,there’s the time I spend searching for the magazines, bidding on them, asking questions about delivery…

I’ve always requested that people just add a link back if they take stuff but that’s too much to ask for some people. Instagram rules state that content on there must be original- not sure what’s original about copying it wholesale from a website!- anyway, but it’s annoying when I have my own social media accounts to find that somebody has taken the magazine I bought and beaten me to sharing it, especially on Instagram, so now I can’t even though I paid for the article and did all of the work. I went onto Insta this morning and a WHOLE article had been copied, with no credit back to this website or my RHCP one. It’s also annoying that Instagram crops everything so the version shared is not as good as the original.

Please be considerate. Link back and please don’t just take whole articles. Thanks x

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Anthony Kiedis Live in East Hampton


Date: Friday 28th June, 2019

Location: Private “Coachella East” themed event hosted by Sukey and Mike Novogratz in Amagansett, East Hampton, USA


There was a livestream on the official Chili Peppers’ page on Instagram, but it was coming and going (it swapped to David Mushegain’s own account at times too). Some songs are missing as a result on the videos taken from the stream.

Around The World
The Zephyr Song
Dark Necessities
Snow ((Hey Oh))
Go Robot
Don’t Forget Me
*Soul to Squeeze
By The Way
*Give It Away

Note*: These songs were definitely on the livestream so the set must have changed from the list. The other songs may have been played but they were not on the livestream.

A couple of screenshots from the livestream:

Many thanks to David Mushegain for battling with the livestream- so appreciated!

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RHCP Live… soon?

I’m not sure exactly what it is but RHCP are playing/doing something in East Hampton tonight. I’d heard on the grapevine that they were going to be there but the details were very vague, but Flea has now posted from there. AK flew out to New York the other day, Josh is in NY too and it sounds rather like Chad on those drums…

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Hi east Hampton. I farted.

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Anthony Kiedis at the Moschino Show

Anthony Kiedis attended the Jeremy Scott horror themed Moschino show last night (7th June), at the Universal Studios Backlot , Hollywood.

Photo from Suki Waterhouse’s Instagram story.

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So… The Haircut Photo by the Green Door

A photo was released yesterday of Anthony Kiedis standing in front of a green door with a caption discussing his haircut. I immediately thought I’d seen it before, but couldn’t place it or find it, so I didn’t post it here. I did post it on our associated Facebook page, with a caveat, and someone else immediately said they thought it they’d seen it before too. Plus, for some reason I immediately thought the photo was taken in NYC and I’ve seen nothing to suggest AK is there right now.

I asked a friend for help… ‘Mystery’ now solved! It is a re-issue on a different account. The same person is involved in of the both posts but the photo isn’t current and was actually taken in April 2018 in NYC.

New post:

Original Post:

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Early Mr. Anthony Kiedis!

I’ve been sent a few scans of early Red Hot Chili Peppers’ concert reviews from The Daily Nexus which was the UC Santa Barbara student newspaper. Enjoy!


1984 October Zany review of a gig at Casa De La Etna- not sure whether due to RHCP, or the interviewer, or both!

1985 October A review of a concert In San Diego

1988 April A review of the band playing at The Pub.

1988 October 13th A very brief news item talking about the band’s earlier gig at the Pub and the fact they were about to appear at the Graduate in IV (Irving?)

1989 January   Review of RHCP doing a surprise four song set at a Thelonius Monster concert.


Many thanks to Hamish at RHCP Sessions for the scans.

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Body Parts!

I was missing the RHCP book, Body Parts by Grier Govorko, from my collection as it’s out of print and copies I’ve seen of it have been really expensive. However, my lovely friend in LA saw a second-hand copy in Amoeba and bought it for me! It arrived today. The text is mostly the author describing people and places poetically without any detail of the band, but it contains loads of photos of the Red Hot Chili Peppers on tour. I’ve scanned a couple of Anthony Kiedis photos to show people what the book is like if they haven’t seen it (hoping that’s OK as the book is out of print). I’ll put some band ones on The Chili Source.

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