Anthony Singing with his Son


Video of Anthony Kiedis singing ‘Dreams of a Samurai’ during the Turin concert accompanied by his son Everly Bear at the beginning… so sweet!

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The Silverlake Conservatory of Musis is Opening Again!

The Silverlake Conservatory of Music is opening again after it’s relocation and subsequent delay. Lessons start from Wednesday and there’s an open house today between 4-6 p.m. (In case you don’t know, SCOM is the music school charity co-founded by Flea. Flea and Anthony Kiedis are both on the board of directors and in recent years, they/RHCP have hosted a benefit evening each year to raise funds for the school).
There’s also an online article for those of us unable to pop along to see what the new building is like!
Photo: Melody Soto
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Tomorrow’s RHCP Concert in Montpellier Cancelled


A couple of hours ago, several French websites e.g. Oui FM, started to report that tomorrow’s (13th) Red Hot Chili Peppers’ concert in Montpellier tomorrow has been cancelled by a local official due to weather warnings in the area for torrential rain. This has now been confirmed on the official RHCP website who say the band hope to re-schedule the show soon.

So sorry for everyone who had tickets to the show and people who are already there or on their way 🙁

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Anthony’s UFC Investment?

Anthony Kiedis at UFC 202, August 2016

Anthony Kiedis at UFC 202, August 2016

Anthony Kiedis is frequently seen at UFC matches but it seems that he’s taken his commitment to a new level and has bought shares in the organisation. WME-IMG purchased the UFC for more than $4 billion in May this year and apparently 23 celebrities have purchased sizable ownership stakes in the company (apparently the minimum stake was $250,000) and the list of those celebrities has now been revealed and it includes Anthony.

Source and full story: UP

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Everly Bear’s Birthday

It was Everly Bear’s 9th birthday yesterday and these photos have been posted of his birthday celebrations 🙂

guess whose birthday it is!!!! Happy Birthday Everly Bear

A photo posted by Red Hot Chili Peppers (@chilipeppers) on

fiesta time Happy Bday Bear!!!!

A photo posted by Red Hot Chili Peppers (@chilipeppers) on

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Anthony Kiedis, Everly Bear and Neymar


Anthony Kiedis attended the team-training on Friday of FC Barcelona along with his son, Everly Bear, and they met someone called Neymar, who is apparently a famous football player*. Everly Bear was given a purple shirt with his name on it and the number 11 which I’ve now been told is Neymar’s number.

(*I had no idea who he is and had never heard of him and tbh thought the video was with some random person until Shal and Angra explained… So blame them if I’ve got it wrong! I’m English, have never watched a football match in my life and once had to Google how many players there were in a football team for my son’s homework as neither of us had a clue… )

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A couple of photos of Anthony Kiedis have been posted on the official RHCP Instagram page:

rockin out in Christiania with @haileybaldwin for @voguejapan by @davidmushegain styled by @carlottaoddi

A photo posted by Red Hot Chili Peppers (@chilipeppers) on

hola Madrid

A photo posted by Red Hot Chili Peppers (@chilipeppers) on

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New Anthony Kiedis Interview from Spain

Anthony Kiedis was interviewed ahead of one of RHCP’s shows in Spain. During the interview he talks about how the band get ready for concerts, speaks some Spanish and talks about eating including Spanish food.


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Anthony Kiedis at The Silverlake Conservatory of Music Fundraiser

Last night Anthony Kieids and Flea co-hosted their annual fundraiser for The Silverlake Conservatory of Music. The Red Hot Chili Peppers also played at the event.

Date: 23rd September, 2016

Location: The Silverlake Conservatory of Music, Los Angeles

Set List:


Around The World

Dark Necessities

Goodbye Angels

Sick Love

By The Way


Mommy Where’s Daddy

Parallel Universe


silverlake-conservatory-of-music-2016-flea-anthony-rhcp-fundraiser-2 silverlake-conservatory-of-music-2016-flea-anthony-rhcp-fundraiser-5 silverlake-conservatory-of-music-2016-flea-anthony-rhcp-fundraiser-6


Photo Credits: Kimberly Hunt Nolte

A video posted by Chad Smith (@chadsmithofficial) on

#silverlakeconservatoryofmusic #rhcp

A video posted by Giada DeLaurentiis (@giadadelaurentiis) on

Many thanks to Kimberly for the information and for so kindly giving us permission to use her photographs. Thanks also to Shalhevet for sourcing the video links

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RHCP Add Another LA Show

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have added a third date to their LA shows. The latest added show will be on March 10th, 2017.



Thanks to Angra for the heads up!

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