Kiedis Briefly Mentioned in Interview with Scott Lipps

Scott Lipps is president of One Management

Advertisers are often looking for something a little offbeat. Rather than a pretty face, they want a hard personality. Tell me about some of the Rock or other types of people that you represent.
We’ve done deals for a lot of different artists, and if you look at our site, it lists a lot of them. We’ve done a lot of covers for, let’s say, L’uomo Vogue, for bands like the Horrors and the Living Things, which are really off the beaten path in terms of the mainstream music that’s going on today. The Horrors was a great band out of London that was happening like two years ago, but they never really broke in the States. We’ve done stuff with everybody from Anthony Kiedis to P. Diddy to MGMT. Some are endorsements, like The Virgins doing the Tommy Hilfiger campaign, and some are editorials like the New York Dolls in a magazine called Cover. We worked on something called the Rose Sessions, which was something I did with Nur Khan. It was basically a series of concerts at the Rose Bar that was taking really big acts and putting them into really great, intimate spaces. We’ve had everyone from Guns N’ Roses to the Black Key to Velvet Revolver, and Nur has carried on the tradition. We manage a few acts, so we manage Matt Sorum’s (from Guns N’ Roses) new band, called Darling Stilettos. All girls. It’s like a rock and roll Pussycat Dolls kind of band. In fact, Ace, the singer, used to be in the Pussycat Dolls. I think the idea was to bring advertisers a niche. In the way that Steve Stoute has always done really well in the Hip Hop branding world, we wanted to be a sort of rock n roll/pop version of what that is and service a lot of the rock bands in this fashion space.


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