Anthony Kiedis (with EB) mentioned in review of Bob Forrest’s film:

New trailer has a couple of shots of AK in it including one of him sitting with Everly Bear while Bob reads him Winnie the Pooh!

Trailer Premiere: ’80s Rock Icon Battles Demons in Bob and the Monster

“It was one of the most magical times ever,” recalls Anthony Kiedis of the 1980s Los Angeles punk scene that gave birth to bands like his Red Hot Chili Peppers amidst a haze of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. But for indie rock icon Bob Forrest, lead singer of the post-punk band Thelonious Monster, the freely available substances that liberated the scene also sent him into a spiraling drug dependency that ruined his career. After years of battling his demons, Forrest became a renowned drug counselor helping others, and his struggle formed the basis of the documentary Bob and the Monster.

Debuting next month at SXSW, Bob and the Monster examines Forrest’s inspirational journey from promising musician to out-of-control junkie to now-counselor on Celebrity Rehab and Sober House credited with helping others like him. Combining archival footage, animation, candid interviews, and testimonies from peers and friends including Kiedis, Flea, Courtney Love, and Dr. Drew Pinsky, the doc also promises a look back at a generation of musicians who only later came to terms with the ramifications of their former lifestyles.

And through it all, there’s Forrest’s music. Watch the exclusive trailer premiere below for sampling and catch up with Bob  on Twitter, where he shares nuggets of wisdom like, “Life is like a bowl of cereal. It’s great in the beginning but if you wait too long to enjoy it. It’s just all soggy n warm n weird.” So true, Bob! So true.

Bob and the Monster Trailer from Shaker Films on Vimeo.


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    Look forward to watching that movie!

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