Anthony Kiedis News Update

Sorry due to real life, a load of updates are being made at the same time but there’s a lot going on with regard to Mr. Kiedis right now 🙂

New Kiedis Photos

Anthony Kiedis April 2011  New photos and a very brief video are out of Anthony Kiedis attending a LA Lakers game with friend Guy Oseary. There are also some small pictures of AK riding his Harley Davidson bike.

Kiedis & ‘Dr Johnny Skinz’s Disproportionately Rambunctious Polar Express Machine-Head’

Q Magazine (England) has also done a small article on the new RHCP album’s name, ‘Dr Johnny Skinz’s Disproportionately Rambunctious Polar Express Machine-Head,’ saying it’s the worst title ever! They also claim AK likes the name so much he might keep it (I’m not sure where they got that information; Anthony hasn’t said that in any of the other interviews about the new RHCP album name, and even made it clear it was a WORKING title, so I’m guessing a bit of artistic license has been used there!). There’s a very nice photo of Anthony though – it looks like it was taken at last year’s Surfrider event. Full transcript and scan here

Bob Forrest Talks About Anthony Kiedis

Bob Forrest was recently interviewed for an Irish radio station about his life and his new film, ‘Bob and the Monster’ and he mentions Anthony Kiedis a couple of times e.g. how Anthony paid for several rehab stays for Bob:

Bob Forrest:  And you know there’s something that when you’re as out of control and as kind of amiable as I was then, people always want to help and  they take care of you; I mean Anthony tried for a decade to help me and to get me .. and he paid for rehab; he probably paid for a third of the rehab (laughs,) very kind guy.

More information on the show, link to  recording of interview, etc. HERE

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