Anthony Kiedis & Everly Bear Name-checked in Article

Kiedis & Silverstone Bear Baby Connection

Alicia Silverstone has given birth and named her son Bear; the article comments on several other stars recently using the name of Bear for their children and Anthony Kiedis was name-checked because his son is called Everly Bear. 

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Alicia Silverstone is the latest celeb to join the ranks of motherhood!
The former Clueless star and her husband Christopher Jarecki welcomed their son Bear Blue Jarecki on Thursday, May 5.
“We are all three in love!” Alicia wrote on her blog. “I’m so grateful to this community for all the love, support, good wishes and happy vibes you’ve sent me during my pregnancy … it has been wonderful. Thank you all!”
Though she hasn’t shared the details, it’s being reported that she had a water birth at an LA birthing center.
Bear is, surprisingly, becoming a pretty popular name amongst the A-list set: Jamie and Jools Oliver chose it for their son in September, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Anthony Kiedis also has a son named Everly Bear.


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  1. LeAnne Kiedis says:

    Anthony Kiedis is SEXY. I’m so gonna marry him and we’ll have another kid. Can’t wait to get started :)!

    • blueberry glide says:

      I’m LeAnne Kiedis AND Blueberry Glide. I love Anthony so much that I have two different names on his website!

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