Anthony Kiedis with Mystery Woman

Some new photos of Anthony Kiedis are out; he was photographed in a restaurant, walking along a street and getting on a motorbike with a mystery woman with brunette hair on May 22nd.  There is a screen cap of the thumbnail images released by Brunopress and some of the Isopix photos.

Other updates:

A quote from AK’s interview from Delta Airways in-flight magazine (Anthony Kiedis in Sky Delta Magazine) has been quoted in an update about Crazy Band on Fader:

Watching Crazy Band go for it feels really good, and maybe not just to me. The last time I flew on plane I read an interview with Anthony Kiedis in the in-flight magazine, and he called Crazy Band the best new thing in Los Angeles.


Anthony has also been name checked (literally just a name) in a few articles recently as an investor in Vita Coco (coconut water) as the company has been in the news since Rihanna has been named as the new ‘face’ for the company (Note: it didn’t seem worth copying them but here’s an example in case anyone is interested). Site Updates:

A new info page has been added of Anthony Kiedis at the Fuse Fangoria Chainsaw Awards back in 2006 with information on the event and 30 photos plus a video of him accepting the best video award for RHCP’s Dani California.

A new gallery of photos of Anthony Kiedis at the Silverlake Meal have also been added.

If you want updates on the new RHCP album and tour, please check out TheChiliSource for the latest info.

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19 Responses to Anthony Kiedis with Mystery Woman

  1. shannon says:

    she’s so pretty! how old do you think she is? haha

  2. sally sturman says:

    I wish he’d appreciate the charms of a woman closer to his own age… 😀

  3. Cool, they look adorable.

  4. Jeanne says:

    She reminds me a lot of his Ex girlfriend, Heather! I wonder how his son is doing – haven’t seen a pic. of him in some time! Everly Bear, right?

    • admin says:

      She does look like Heather with longer hair and yes, AK’s son is called Everly Bear- there are pics of him from a couple of months ago that were showing up on some of the press agencies but I’ve taken the decision not to post paparazzi pics of EB (I’m a mother and I’d hate for total strangers to be coming up and shoving a camera lens in my children’s faces when we are out and I think EB should be allowed to go out in peace with his father. I’ll only use officially released photos/ones taken at public events where AK would expect cameras to be of EB and his dad-hope people understand my reasons 🙂 )

  5. LeAnne Kiedis says:


  6. blueberry glide says:

    I’m having a hard time deciding who’s uglier- this chick or Heather Christie.

  7. charlene26 says:

    I know for a fact this was NOT a romantic meeting !!!

    • admin says:

      Care to elaborate?! 🙂

      • charlene says:

        ……just in the know thats all I care to say…trust me this girl is just a brief flirtatious passing for AK. not to be rude to her but she would be crazy to think she is anything more than that.

  8. Jamie Mckenna says:

    Who cares they look happy.

  9. Jamie Mckenna says:

    Shes pretty they look happy. Thats cool

  10. Janette McDonald says:

    You can tell from the body language that they are probably just friends. When walking they are not arm in arm like a couple would be. Usually he isn’t with a lady for a long time, so if it was a new thing, they would be touching in some way. They are probably just good friends. It is a shame that he can’t hold onto a woman. I am sure he is a difficult person to live with. According to Blackie, Jamie R. from a long time ago was a very needy young lady and Anthony broke off with her because of it. I think if Anthony would find someone mature, over 35 that is stable in her life, he would stand a chance. I don’t think he goes for the right kind of person. He may never be able to settle down.

  11. Jennifer Dorango says:

    I have scoop on AK’s new love interest (photos, video link and explanation included)…. Where could I send it to in order for it to be looked over and possibly used on this website to inform the fans about it?

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