Anthony Kiedis and Everly Bear Photos

As many of you know, out of respect, I decided not to post any paparazzi photos of Anthony Kiedis and taken with his son Everly Bear and said I would only post officially released photos or ones taken at events where AK would expect the press to be present and take Everly bear along knowing that would be the case. However, some photos of Anthony & Everly have recently been posted publicly on Tumblr by a friend of AK’s (she’s a friend of his ex-girlfriend and Everly’s mum, Heather Christie) and because they have been posted on a public site already and they weren’t taken by a paparazzi photographer, I’m assuming it’s alright to post them here  (obviously, if we’re asked to remove them, I will). The pictures are stunning images and really show the bond and love between AK and EB.

anthony kiedis crawling with everly bear

anthony kiedis everly bear toy telescope

everly bear piggy back anthony Kiedis

anthony kiedis cuddling everly bear

anthony kiedis playing with everly bear

Thank you to Amanda Merten for sharing these on Tumblr.

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21 Responses to Anthony Kiedis and Everly Bear Photos

  1. Anthony Kiedis you are an example of love and tenderness, Everly never forget those happy moments! (:

    • admin says:

      So true! Little ones grow up so quickly and there’s nothing like the unconditional love a little one shows so it’s lovely AK has such lovely photos of this time… and that Everly Bear grows up knowing and remembering such love.

  2. Awe, private moments with our kids are the best! They keep us young at heart if nothing else! My kids think I’m funny, no one else does!

  3. Kerry Daniel says:


  4. kellie says:

    i think these pictures are stunnin, tbh ive been a big fan since i was little and i think hes a great dad, hes seems soo close to everly and hes stunning (everly).

    tbh i just love Anthony Kiedis soo much!! <3

    • Monika says:

      I agree. Being such a fan, it is nice to see him come to this point in life. They both look so happy and Everly is beautiful!!

  5. Marie Salcido says:

    Anthony, you have an imposter pretending to be you to sleep with woman……using all your credentials

    • admin says:

      We’re not Anthony but I do know where to report problems with people using a fake AK account so if you could post links, etc. I can forward them.

  6. BlackPepper says:

    When see this happy moments between Anthony and his son, i’m glad they (RHCP) take 5years break.

  7. Kath Aloisi says:

    Thanks Anthony for sharing……. just beautiful, pure love……. xxx

  8. K.P. says:

    Only recently read the book Scar Tissue. Loved it! Aside from Arnolds Bodybuilding Encyclopedia, this was the 1st book my husband actually completed reading since College. A.K.’s life is just THAT interesting. We’re wondering if he intends to write a 2nd book entailing his life since then. We’re really curious to see how much he’s grown now that he’s a Dad and how he’s doing with his relationships, sobriety, etc.

    • admin says:

      I’ve never seen anything to suggest that a book is being written but let’s hope he does write a follow up! Would love to read it too!

  9. Ophi says:

    Bless you for being an ethical and wonderful part of the media 🙂 these photos are so beautiful, bless you little bear

  10. amber kmmey says:

    its honest love its the bond that can never be broken like ak said little boys need their dads no matter what they do i wonder if everly has clothes that match his dads just like anthony did with blackie

  11. OhSoMeO says:

    These photo’s are fantastic I hope you are not asked to take them down, glad to see Anthony enjoying time with his son, they grow fast !!

  12. Ana Paula Merli says:

    I love this pictures… baby Bear is lovely!!!
    and AK is the better father…

  13. Cher Mauro says:

    I’ve loved RHCP from the birth of their career in music till this day. I’ve always been drawn to Anthony on many levels and know him as best a person can through live performances, interviews, and reading Scar Tissue. Im so greatful he wrote that book, as it gave so much insight of how deeply capable he is of loving! Every photo I see of him with Everly Bear is living proof that Anthony never truly knew pure, heartfelt, unconditional love from the depths of his spirit until he first held Everly Bear. They share such a deep rooted soul connection and truest love Anthony will ever know. This makes me so happy for them both and I wish them many healthy, happy, loving years together. I believe Everly Bear changed and prepared Anthony in such a way that he and his soulmate will soon find their way to each other and share a spiritually based, REAL, and passionate love that will stand the test of time. I believe Everly Bear will also form a pure, true, and loving connection with this woman-and vice versa, which is what will the glue that ties this bind forever. Best wishes for a lifetime of happiness and love from one Bear to another 🙂 Aloha Nui Loa~ Cher Bear
    P.S.-Mahalo for sharing your beautiful photos~

  14. ak says:

    beautiful . reminds me of me and my 4 year old girl and single parenthood and our photos. it’s beautiful.

  15. Pirez says:

    Love you both – Everly will be like his dad!

  16. Nicole says:

    Oh my goodness, I just discovered that Anthony has a son. He is so beautiful! I now want nothing more than for my three year old daughter to some day marry Everly! Anthony and his son look so sweet together.

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