Anthony Kiedis: Rolling Stone RHCP Interview

Anthony Kiedis is interviewed as part of a feature on the new RHCP album, I’m With You, in the current edition of Rolling Stone magazine.

I'm With You RHCP interview anthony Kiedis malibu


“Thank God for transformation,” Kiedis says sitting in the living room of his Malibu home. “Historically, it’s been imposed on us, every time things seem like they can sail smoothly, something catastrophic happens.”

The singer turns and smiles at Klinghoffer, who is next to him on the couch. “I know now that when that happens,” Kiedis says, “something beautiful is going to come out of it.”

“We’re always looking to grow musically, but it’s like the universe conspires for it to be that way,” Flea affirms cheerfully in his own Malibu home, a short drive from Kiedis’, on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. “Josh is not a guitar virtuoso like John. He’s a textural guy who also plays drums and piano. But there is no person in the planet we could have gotten who was better. And he was already playing with us.”

To contine reading… full  interview, scans, download link and complete transcript here

Thank you to Ofek for the heads up on this!

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