Anthony Kiedis with Chad Smith

Sorry I’m trying to find out more about this photo because I haven’t seen it before; it’s clearly another promotional photo of Anthony Kiedis and Chad Smith for RHCP’s new album I’m With You, and I’m presuming it was taken at the same time as the other photos we have because Chad is wearing his blue baseball cap and Anthony is wearing his ‘Off’ baseball cap.

Update: Have just been told this (many thanks to Gonzalo!):

His name is Gustavo Olmedo. He has a a radio program in Argentina called “apaga la tele” (in English: “Turn off the TV”); he interviewed Chad Smith & Anthony Kiedis and the show was broadcast in Argentina last Friday.

Apparently loads of RHCP fans from Argentina tuned in to listen (if anyone has a recording of it, we’d love to hear from you!)

red hot chili peppers new album I'm with you

Apparently it’s another photo from Argentina but I have no more info than that (Is it the same person who is on a few of the radio interview photos? Side view of the man there but front view here?)

(I’ll edit if I find out more- was just tagged on Facebook- but if anyone else has any info, please let me know and I’ll update)

Thanks to Mir & Agoos on Facebook for the photo & info 

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8 Responses to Anthony Kiedis with Chad Smith

  1. antoratona says:

    that guy is Olmedo from, another pics took with Bebe Contepomi(@BebeMusicTW),

  2. antoratona says:

    sorry, this is the pic,

    • admin says:

      Thank you! (Adding a new gallery of photos of AK with RHCP taken this year is on my list of things to do so I’ll add all of these type of photos to that)

  3. Sofia says:

    Hi!! I’m from Argentina, here is the link of the radio in facebook, are albums with other famous people, but red hot chili peppers are not. If I notice from there visit to my country I’ll tell you as soon as I can.

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  5. cecilia-c says:

    Hi! I’m from argentina I’ll listen this radio now 😀 when they will me to here? (sorry i don’t know talk very good in english)

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