Anthony Kiedis Interview in the Sun (UK)

Anthony Kiedis features in an inteview in the UK newspaper, The Sun:

UPDATE: Newspaper  Scan now added:


My son Everly changed my life. Our relationship makes me forgive my father…

Says Anthony Kiedis

Kiedis, a sex-obsessed heroin addict for years, was once fined more than £1,200 for sexual battery and indecent exposure after a female student claimed he’d dangled his privates in her face in the dressing-room after a gig.

But today, the 48-year-old sex symbol says his only addiction is his three-year-old son Everly Bear and that the youngster is keeping him on the straight and narrow.

Although clean of drugs and drink since 2000, Anthony says: “As every heroin addict will know, temptation is always there. But becoming a father has given me a reason to live and stay clean for good.”

Anthony first tried to quit drugs in 1988 after losing the band’s original guitarist, 26-year-old Hillel Slovak through a heroin overdose, but relapsed five years later.

He says: “Every day since has been a battle to stay clean, but my son makes me thankful that I am. I feel very lucky.”

And the star says his lad – named after one of his favourite bands, The Everly Brothers – also impacted positively on the Chili Peppers’ latest album, I’m With You.

He says: “Having Everly has changed my life. You can hear the new energy I have, we have, on the new album.”

Becoming a father has meant Anthony has reflected on his relationship with his own dad, actor and Hollywood drug dealer Blackie Dammett, born John Kiedis.

Not your average father, Blackie supplied drugs to and partied with rock stars including Led Zeppelin and The Who’s Keith Moon, movie icons and other celebrities, exposing Anthony to sex and drugs from a young age.

Full transcripts & online article: HERE

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  1. jm says:

    Frontman of the World’s biggest band, was also the wildest hellraiser in rock n roll ! hell yeah !!!

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