Anthony Kiedis in Loaded (UK) Magazine

An interview with mostly Anthony Kiedis has been published in Loaded magazine during a feature on Red Hot Chili Pepper’s new albumˏ I’m With Youˏ in the latest edition.

Here’s an extract:

As he [Anthony Kiedis] sits loaded down in the opulent Santa Monica hotel where our audience with one of rock’s most durableˏ and wellˏ consistently excellent bands is to be hosted. Kiedis is on breezy and reflective form. “Todayˏ I am thankful just to be hereˏ” he muses. “I’m also thankful to still be creative and making great music.”

“You are never really aware of how bad things are for you at the timeˏ” he continues. “I’d grown up with drugs and so it was quite normal and acceptableˏ but thankfully I grew up and got clean. Drugs and alcohol give you a false sense of confidence of well-being. But it’s not a reality and when you’re clean you realise that.” He stopsˏ fixes us with a look and smiles. “Althoughˏ I had lots of fun at the time.”

Part of the clan

Kiedis first attempted to quit his 15 year drug relationship after the death of original Chilis guitarist Hillel Slovak in 1988. A relapse five years later saw him fall into a freewheeling tailspin throughout most of the ‘90sˏ until rehab in 2000 led him back onto the straight & narrow. He admits it’s a daily struggle to resist the temptation (“It’s easy to be a junkieˏ” he says. “But it’s not easy to be one of the best guitarists or songwriters of all time.”) ˏ but he’s resolute in his stance since the birth of his sonˏ Everly Bear (named after the Everly Brothersˏ andˏ umˏ the fact Kiedis feels “like I’m part of the Bear Clan”) now threeˏ with ex-girlfriend Heather Christie.

Full scans & transcript HERE

If you can please buy a copy of the magazine- I picked it up yesterday so it should be available for people in the UK to buy 🙂

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