Interview with Anthony Kiedis in Scottish Newspaper

Anthony Kiedis Interview in 7 Nights (Sunday Mail supplement)

This was published a few weeks in July but I’ve just got a copy of it to scan for you. It’s an interview with Anthony Kiedis for RHCP’s new album, I’m With You, but it also contains some personal information e.g. about Everly Bear too.

Here’s an extract:

As they prepare to release their 10th album proving, along with U2 and Depeche Mode, to be Eighties survivors, lead singer Anthony Kiedis revealed that he’s happier than he has ever been thanks to his three-year old son Everly Bear by ex-girlfriend Heather Christie.

The proud dad, 48, admitted: “He’s just the biggest part of my life that there is, so everything I do is inspired by him. He definitely quadrupled the size of my heart so I just feel more love in me.”Given that he’s an older dad, having a baby has opened up a new world to Anthony.

He laughed: “The biggest surprise was I was always a bit of a poop-o-phobe, like I don’t know, stay away from the poop…“And then when my son came, it was like I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the poop.

“And still today, I wipe his little bottom with such love and care, I get the wet wipe and just make sure he’s as clean as can be and I went from being a poop-o-phobe to like, it doesn’t faze me.

“He could throw his poop in my face and I wouldn’t even flinch.”

Read the full transcript and see the full supplement scans HERE

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