RHCP Monarchy of Roses Video Out!

The new video for the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ latest single, Monarchy of
Roses, has been released on the official RHCP Youtube channel. It’s a black and
white animated video with footage of the band overlaid on the cartoons; here are
a couple of screen caps featuring Anthony Kiedis:

Monarchy of Roses Video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOgFHMEJMeY&feature=feedu

(I can’t get the share/embed link as the video is blocked here; if it becomes
available or someone can get me the code, I’ll add it in)

Note: I can’t actually view it here in the UK because RHCP
have blocked us from seeing it (don’t know why-have asked for info from a couple
of people) and I believe there are issues in Germany too; several of us have
also been having issues with proxies loading it for us but this link has just
worked for me- will post it in case it helps anyone else out (thanks Kate!):


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  1. chiarafiore says:

    posso dire cattiveria su Kiedis io seguo i rhcp da 20 anni come puo’ un uomo di 49 anni uscire con ragazzine di 20 anni possono essere sue figlie mi fa un po’ schifo ha un figlio piccolo e’ questa l’educazione che gli da’ vergogna

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