Anthony Kiedis: Leg Injury?

Photos have come out today showing Anthony Kiedis arriving at a Lakers game on crutches and wearing a cast. Several interviews have mentioned that he’s been having issues  with his foot/ankle while on tour and for some gigs a carpet had to be added to the stage to help lessen the impact for him, so this might be connected to that- am trying to find out more; will post if I find anything.

By contrast, Anthony was seen enjoying beach time and surfing while in St. Barts over New year and he was photographed walking around LA as recently as the 5th January, again with Beth Jeans Houghton, and there was no sign of any injury then – this could be something new, a worsening of the existing foot problem or the result of scheduled treatment but nothing is known yet.


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6 Responses to Anthony Kiedis: Leg Injury?

  1. Carla says:

    I can´t believe he´s dating her…………… I´m sooooooooooo sad 🙁

  2. trineraaby says:

    Apparently he had foot surgery on Monday, start of US tour re sheduled.

  3. Poss says:

    oh, nooooo 🙁
    poor Anthony 🙁

  4. kathly mcallister says:

    what is with the stupid hood she wears and that fire engine red lipstick..
    it is los angeles.
    pls he can do so much better then this bleach blonde bimbo.

  5. ochy says:

    te amo

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