Anthony Kiedis in Flair Magazine (Italy)

Anthony Kiedis is featured in the (I presume as it seems to be a monthly magazine) current Flair magazine in Italy. The magazine came out about a week ago but I didn’t get a copy to scan until yesterday when the magazine arrived from a very kind Italian friend who rushed out to get it and post it to me! It’s supposed to be an interview with Anthony but it does read more as if the author has pieced together an article using past quotes;  the article contains a number of mistakes in the text and the photos used to illustrate it are not recent ones:

Anthony Kiedis coloured shirt Italian interview

Full article: Anthony Kiedis in Flair magazine (we only have a Google translation so far; if anyone has the time to translate it properly we’d love to hear from you!)

BTW….The Magazine Scans/Articles section is nearing the end of it’s revamp; new larger & better quality scans have been added to nearly listing and a load of magazines have been added for the first time- hopefully it should all be finished in the next couple of days-will keep you posted!

If any of you have scans you would like to share, can help with translations or typing out the articles (I would like to have transcripts of all articles as it makes reading easier and allows people to use Google Translate if they do not speak English as a first language), please contact me . Thanks!)


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  1. tattoolive says:

    This Article has SO MANY FACTS WRONG!!!!!!!!!……

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