Anthony Kiedis: New Zealand

Latest update: Anthony Kiedis has arrived in New Zealand for the RHCP concerts. He was photographed with a fan after his arrival at the airport and there’s also a photo of him holding up a couple of newspapers taken by RHCP photographer David Mushegain

Antony Kiedis poses with a fan at a New Zealnd airport where he'd just flown in on his private jet

Anthony Kiedis with fan Tori Armstrong

“Tori [Armstrong] made herself known to Red Hot Chili Peppers vocalist Anthony Kiedis, who, to her delight, was happy to be snapped for posterity. Others weren’t so lucky.

Keidis arrived in Kaitaia with his partner and children aboard a private jet to spend a few days relaxing (and surfing) at Ahipara, where the family stayed. He was eventually recognised by some fans while enjoying breakfast at Ahipara’s cafe Gumdiggers’ Cafe, which has also hosted the likes of Johnny Depp and Kiwi singer Jackie Clarke. Several autograph/photo requests were politely declined, but he reportedly enjoyed the scrambled eggs, salmon and avocado. ”

Full story : The Northern Advocate


new photo of Anthony Kiedis RHCP in New Zealand

This photograph taken by Dave Mushegain shows Anthony Kiedis holding up a copy of The Northland Age (which is also running the same Tori Armstrong story) and also a copy of The Northern Advocate  [BTW I’ve checked The Northland Advocate website for the Freak Surf article and the page that comes up makes no mention of Anthony and a search for Kiedis on the site just takes you to the breakfast story.]

Thanks to Julien for the heads up on the arrival story and Rich Plenge for information on the source of the photo!



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    Partner and children?

    • admin says:

      That’s what it says! As no detail or photos are given, I can’t really comment accurately. Have just seen so many news agencies list ‘Anthony and his daughter’ on articles that I don’t trust everything they say these days as assumptions are often made; it could easily have been the nanny or maybe he has got a new partner that has kids of her own?

  2. Elaine Nicholson says:

    Yes I have read articles about his daughter I think some people take the long hair and cute features of his son and think he must be a girl.

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