Wife… No Wife!


People were a bit confused about a comment Anthony Kiedis made about his “wife” in a fashion  show backstage interview a couple of days ago. Most people assumed it to have been an off-the-cuff comment/messing around rather than reality. I’ve been told that Peggy Nobel Idema, Anthony’s mother, made this comment on a public Facebook page (have no source for it yet but I’m trying to find it).

” Don’t be confused about the “wife” comment. AK can be goofy/silly at times. This is one of those times!!”

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One Response to Wife… No Wife!

  1. Mari-Cruz says:

    Mr. Kiedis has no need to settle down.
    He is not a bourgeois fellow, but an artist who lives his life freely.
    I think his lyrics are pretty autobiographical. He rails against “maturing” and “becoming a bit boring”: “Friends got married, had them dogs / Now they read those catalogues / This commerce makes me nauseous / When did life get so damn cautious?”

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