Anthony Kiedis First Live Performance of 2016!


Posted with kind permission

Last night (Friday 5th February) Anthony Kiedis and the Red Hot Chili Peppers played their first live gig of the year- it was a benefit concert for a US presidential candidate, Bernie Saunders- at the Theater connected to the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles. It wasn’t a full concert and apparently there were massive problems with the sound according to my friend who was there.

Anthony has a new jacket?



Set List:


 Posted with kind permission

Can’t Stop

Factory of Faith

Nobody Weird Like Me


Police Helicopter

Around the World

Blood Sugar Sex Magik

Me and My Friends

Snow ((Hey Oh))

Cracked Actor (David Bowie Cover)

By The Way

(If you Have to Ask) although on the set list, this was apparently not played.

Give It Away



There are loads more images on AP Images but I can’t link to them.


An 18 minute video which is shot next to the stage starting with Bernie Saunders speaking and going into Can’t Stop, Factory of Faith and Nobody Weird Like Me.

And a 13 minute video starting near the end of Otherside


These are all taken very close to the stage:

By The Way

Me and My Friends

Snow ((Hey Oh))

Give It Away

From the Balcony:

35 minute video

Update: videos are now appearing on Youtube- sorry if there are duplicates but I’m losing track here!!!



Many thanks to the people who posted videos (please let me know if there is an issue sharing them) and my super detective team who were messaging me and phoning from LA! Great wake-up call 😀 hehehe



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