Video Released for Goodbye Angels

RHCP have released the new video to accompany Goodbye Angels today. Another day and another teenage girl… Some great live shots of the band (from the recent concert in Atlanta, Georgia) interspersed within a story line of the said girl behaving badly and gatecrashing the concert.

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9 Responses to Video Released for Goodbye Angels

  1. JN says:

    Hahaha another teenage girl. Its like they’re doing it just to f*** with everyone now.

    I’m so happy they made a video for Angels, this and Dark Necessities are my favs off the album.

    • admin says:

      Well, I think it might be working! Have seen hardly any positive comments about the video (other than the live footage). TBH it’s another shove for me in the anti-RHCP direction on top of many others. Everything seems to be about the younger audience and fans these days and geared towards youth- kind of ironic when I’m younger than most of the band but feel too old to be an appreciated fan. Watching a girl pee in a flower bed and steal beer isn’t really of any interest to me (or, ironically, to my teenage kids. My daughter described it as skanky; their generation is very anti-drugs and alcohol right now so I think my daughter was pretty disgusted by it so maybe it is designed to f**k with everyone!).

  2. JN says:

    I hear ya!! I think about the release of Fandamonium a lot and I hate to think this but I don’t know that AK was too excited about it. I’m sure he appreciates his fans and like he mentioned in that book he can’t jump into the audience or interact with the crowd bc it would be a bad experience (people ripping the clothes off his back and shit).

    The book was definitely geared towards younger fans, which is fine but it would’ve been so amazing if they had found the Die hard fans who’ve been there for decades.

    Maybe they did? I don’t own Fandamonium but from what Ive seen it was a lot of young kids.

    • admin says:

      It is mostly younger fans; tattoos and girls (a few topless) featured heavily. There are a few older fans in there but they are minimal; a handful of really major fans but also a lot missed out who ought to have been in it like the biggest collector of RHCP memorabilia and one of the biggest fans around and certainly the most knowledgeable fan I know. A lot of the fans were contacted (I was asked to compile a list by Blackie and I know that was passed along) and known about but weren’t actually included. I was supposed to be interviewed at home and I had my photo taken several times at concerts but didn’t make it in and I know there were some major fans that happened to as well. It was a really nicely done book but more links to the fan base would have been really appreciated by the long-term fans. I think we all expected it to be about the fans and it was really a record of people who went to concerts on the IWY tour who looked interesting.

  3. JN says:

    Aw man. We should start a section of this site and/or an IG to go with it for older fans who, like u mentioned above didn’t make it into the book. I’m sure those on your list to Blackie have amazing stories and memorabilia!!…..

    • admin says:

      I have thought about that but it’s time. One person I know has the ambulance model used in the Otherside video. Says it all!!!

      • JN says:

        WOAH! I think you need to do this….I can help in anyway possible. I used to be a publicist and still freelance from time to time. Email me if you want to talk more!! Jenn.Nuccio@ gmail

  4. Corinna says:

    I’m also disappointed by the video … I had expected a mega cool live video … and now I see a kind of teenage comedy.
    Why do they have such a problem with age? Or probably AK has a problem with it. He is finally the one who teenager dates….

  5. JN says:

    Well, he’s not ashamed of who he dates that’s for sure lol

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