Out and About in SA

Anthony out and about in South America- photos on Instagram (won’t share paparazzi ones but these all seem posed for so it seems he agreed to them)

Anthony en Buenos Aires hoy. #rhcp #anthonykiedis

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3 Responses to Out and About in SA

  1. Bia says:

    Hey! If u discover in which Hotel RHCP will be at in Sao Paulo (or know where they stayed last Rock in Rio) u can PLEASE tell me? Meet Anthony will make me so happy!! Thanks a lot

  2. Bia says:

    Aaaaand… U see that Anthony are with a girl? U can see a pic with her in the museum… Let’s find out who she is haha

  3. Bia says:

    Well, her name is Denise Ascuet! I’m sick and sad seeing who Anthony is, a dude who posta “Hey DM us did u guys wanna hang?” for the fans but will ONLY respond and show real interest if the girl was a model, or at least like one. I’m totally sick about this. Dude, be real! Men like Anthony demonstrat for women that they are only important if they are pretty and a this idea is a fuc*** absurd! Absolutely sad about it. I hope someone here who like Anthony too understands what I’m tryna say… The guy have good things but this shi** with young model girls are destroying my respect for him. Sadly.

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