Radio Interview

I’ve been sent this link by Hilde but I can’t check it out (thanks to the stupid EU trying to control the internet and getting those of us with the misfortune of living in Europe barred from a lot of international websites as it’s easier to ban European based IP addresses than deal with the stupid rules the EU have put in place) so I can’t listen, see if it’s been posted here before, etc. but I thought I’d post the link in case anyone else is interested who can listen. 🙂

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  1. Alessandra says:

    I love to hear AK talking so wiselly about the moral code that he had to figure out by himself, and talking about his son, and his perspectives of life and things that really care… that’s one of the things I trully admire about him, he seems to be a great guy, someone that really cares about ethics and being a good human being. But I think that the interviewer could have done a better job, why ask him about the last time he went shopping in a particular place… he lost a chance to mantain the conversation in a higher level.
    Thanks for posting this! I wish we could see more of Anthony .

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