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Kiedis: A Dagger Tattoo and A Deep Kick…

A five minute clip, entitled ‘Deep Kick’, has been posted on YouTube by a long-time RHCP fan. Deep Kick was the name given to the “lost” documentary which was made/being made of the recording of RHCP’s One Hot Minute album. Video was filmed over … Continue reading

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Fake Anthony Kiedis Social Media Accounts

BE AWARE: There is a rash of fake Anthony Kiedis social media accounts cropping up at the moment (there’s also a Chad Smith one on Facebook with direct messages being sent out saying it’s the real Chad). There is currently … Continue reading

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To “TA” This is Not Anthony Kiedis!

This is a note to “Tim A” who has sent me numerous legal documents through Rocket Lawyer to which I can’t reply. This site has nothing to do with Anthony Kiedis himself. It clearly states “unofficial” in the banner and … Continue reading

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A long, long, long long time ago…

Some photos of a young Anthony Kiedis have cropped up on Instagram recently and have been shared like wildfire. We’ve tried to find out the original source(s) of them and can’t find it. If you have any information, please let … Continue reading

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