The Late 90s

The Chilis fade in and out from public view; One Hot Minute is released and things go again only for the band to return triumphantly with Californication which saw Anthony’s vocals move to a whole new level.

1995 February RAW (169) A 12 page photo feature.

1995 April RAW (173) Article about Anthony Kiedis’ health over the years and delay of the new (One Hot Minute) album

1995 September RAW (183) Massive 16 page spread with article about history of the band, a track by track breakdown of One Hot Minute. etc.

1995 September Sky Magazine Interview with Anthony Kiedis & Dave Navarro about size not mattering!

1995 October Kerrang! (566) Talking about what’s sexy with the band (section with each band member)

1995 October Select Kiedis and Navarro messing around with the interviewer

1995 December Q (111) Long article and photo of AK in an evening dress!

1996 March/April Access (Canada) Press release interview for One Hot Minute. AK on cover

1996 April Spin Vol 12 no 1  Rambling interview at times but lots of info on One Hot Minute tracks. Kiedis & Navarro interviews detailed, great cover and some very weird photos.

1996 July Kerrang! 607 Really terse interview due to idiot interviewer, a previous Kerrang! story annoying the band and the band probably being exhausted…

1996 July Rock & Folk (France) Interview with Dave Navarro and Anthony Kiedis about the making of One Hot Minute.

1996 July Hard N Heavy (France) Article about a possible band split.

1996 September Metal Hammer Brief mention of Chad Smith in news article, review of RHCP at Wembley Arena, London and giant poster of Anthony Kiedis

1996 November Goldmine Interview with Anthony Kiedis

1997 July Kerrang! (658) News article about Anthony Kiedis breaking his wrist in a motorbike accident.

1998 July Kerrang! (707) RHCP at Tibetan Freedom Concert and return of John Frusciante. Nice photo of AK on the cover.

c. 1999 Kerrang! Details unknown. Interview with AK

1999 Big Cheese (Issue 14) An interesting history of the band and review of Californication but this has to be the worst RHCP magazine article ever in terms of appearance!

1999 May Kerrang! (751) Band interview for Californication. AK on the cover.

1999 May OOR (The Netherlands). Nice photos; translated into English.

1999 June Crossbeat (Japan) Some great photos; sorry no idea what the article says!

1999 July AP (Alternative Press) An interesting article featuring the iconic photo shoot of the members of RHCP in period costume; main article, additional photos and a couple of snippets about Red Hot Chili Peppers.

1999 July Q Magazine. Brief Article with Anthony Kiedis talking about RHCP’s upcoming appearance at the Reading and Leeds festival.

1999 July Guitar World. AK features on the cover

1999 August Ray Gun An interview with the band about Californication built around a review of the band’s sold out show in Pontiac, Michigan. AK on the cover

1999 August RPM (Canada) Account of RHCP’s performance to open the new HMV website & store in Toronto. AK on the cover.

1999 August SPIN To Live and Die in LA…

1999 September  Kerrang! (767) 8 page photo pullout of RHCP live

1999 October Q 157 An in-depth look at the band’s history (The Band that Tired to Kill Themselves)

1999 December Juice (84) Detailed as an interview with Anthony Kiedis but a lot of it is about John Frusciante.


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