Back Issue Magazine Update!

I’ve been adding to my back issue of magazines featuring the Red Hot Chili Peppers over the last few months as always; I know time and the constraints of real life have meant I’ve rarely updated my online collection but please check it out if you haven’t for a while as some new things have been added and I’ve just started working through the backlog of magazines I have piled up on my desk. I’ve just scanned and uploaded a Kerrang! from 2002 which has a very brief interview with Paul Harries who took the very iconic photo of Anthony Kiedis featured in the issue- full scans HERE


I’ve just completed the transcript for another article so full type up and scans are now online! It’s from Juice December 1999 and it featues an interview with Anthony Kiedis (although a lot of the article is about John Frusciante) talking about his inspiration, travels and the writing of Californication.

If anyone has any spare time; help typing out the transcripts is always really appreciated- we also have several magazines that we’d love to get translated into English. Please message me if you can help out! Thanks 🙂

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  1. Simon says:

    Hello! I run a back issue magazine website and currently we have lots of old Kerrang and RAW, Q etc etc music magazines in stock. We have a few which feature the RHCP so please have a look at
    I have many magazines in storage which are not on the website yet so if you are interested I’m happy to go through them for you.
    best regards,

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