‘Bring Back Our Girls’

Anthony Kiedis has added his support to the campaign to place pressure on world authorities to act on the case of the 276 Nigerian girls kidnapped from their school by the Islamist militant group ‘Boko Haram’  on 14th April.

bring-back-our-girls-anthony-kiedisPhoto posted by David Mushegain http://instagram.com/davidmushegain

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  1. Mona says:

    Really AK? I miss YOU! Where are the lyrics, where are the WORDS? I miss the Anthony I fell in love with at 13. Everyone has their “Elvis”. You were mine. What happened? The music just isn’t the same. I sincerely await your return. Until then, I’ll keep buying your substandard words. Awaiting greatness again. I loved my “Elvis”, once. He’s gone though…… Come back?…

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