Look Around!

Look Around is the latest song to be chosen as a single from RHCP’s I’m With You album and two videos have now been released to accompany the song-one the actual music video and the other a behind the scenes look (both below).

The video is based upon four rooms; one for each of the four band members. Each room roughly reflects the band member it belongs too and includes their own art and belongings among the props! The band performed with each of them mostly confined to their own room although Anthony Kiedis dances through the rooms at various times. It was filmed in the round in just four takes!

Anthony’s Room:

BTW Anthony’s son Everly bear appears in the video too!

Here’s the behind the scenes video:

Look around Video:


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  1. Ricardo Seifert says:

    Who is the girl in the clip?

  2. my life is in a shit state been through same as you on relapse again but reading scar tissue relates to me in a big way done modeling all that shit finished with it now too old so say life over what the fuck happens now is there any normality???????

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