Me & My Friends (3)

Many thanks to Otherside713 who shared her collection of ‘Chilis with Celebs’ photos with us.

Please note: Other photos of Anthony Kiedis with friends can also be found in the Lakers and Coffee Shop galleries so links have been added below. 

Me and My Friends Gallery 1

Me & My Friends Gallery 2

Me and my Friends Gallery 4

My Lakers

Meet Me in the Coffee Shop

2 Responses to Me & My Friends (3)

  1. Johnny says:

    C’mon, seriously? He’s not unknown, he Tony-fuking-Hawk!
    By the way, great stuff you’ve got here. I was just searching for pictures of his gloves and now I find myself browsing endless galleries… xD

    • admin says:

      He is to me! lol Seriously link me the actual photo and I’ll change the name- is something somewhere on here about letting me know who people are that I don’t recognise/haven’t named and I’ll update the pics- know there are loads of AK with people who are probably famous but I either don’t know them, can’t bring their names to mind or just got totally confused when I was adding all of this lot!!!

      Glad you like al of the galleries- keep checking back because I still have several hundred photos to add; am currently working on ones of AK at awards ceremonies, etc. (Some of those being added to the ‘About the Man’ section- are quite a few pics in there so check those out too if you haven’t seen them already 🙂 )

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