Kiedis Heather Christie

Anthony Kiedis & Heather Christie Gallery 2

Anthony Kiedis and pregnant Heather Christie

2 Responses to Kiedis Heather Christie

  1. AK says:

    oh what a fool! what a stupid silly old fool – to leave this girl? lawdy…..they could have been the perfect family…but no, Anthony has to screw it up. Now he’s with some stuck up bimbo that looks like an evil step mother. Well, its his life. and his sons.good luck.

  2. gean says:

    i like anthony kiedis .. from what I saw on the pictures to every woman he’s been with its more on the outside attraction, some are lust. if he keeps on dating the age of her daughter… he always expect same thing happens repeating again and again… not to judge but what would you expect twice as your junior age… sometimes, we are the change in everything that we want to be… if were not honest to ourselves… others might see that to ourselves as well… little may leave… but more will stay to play… too bad!

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