Anthony Kiedis/ RHCP O2 Arena London 7th November 2011

Exclusive photos of  Anthony Kiedis  With the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the O2 Arena on Monday 7th  November.

Please feel free to share these photos if you would like to do so but we
politely request that you do not remove the copyright details-I gave up a lot of
the concert, when I could have been just watching and enjoying the band, to take
them and would like to retain credit for doing so. A link back to this page
would also be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

4 Responses to Anthony Kiedis/ RHCP O2 Arena London 7th November 2011

  1. Trine says:

    Thanks for posting these and taking the time to take them! I am soooo jealous, I’m not going to see them until Paris next year, so these pics make up a smidge for missing out this time round!

  2. tamro says:

    Anthony gracias por todo

  3. alan says:

    red hot peru

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