Ring Finger… Help Wanted!

I was contacted by the person who owns the company which manufactured the rings that Anthony Kiedis is wearing. I’d always assumed it was one large ring but in fact, Anthony is wearing several rings (and knowing this, made me look at the ring carefully and you can actually see that- have no idea, why I’ve not spotted that before… :D).

The ring in question is the Cartel model by Suemi Designs; it’s been slightly revamped since the time that Anthony wore it and the new version is a little different but more details are HERE if anyone is interested in finding out more.

As for the help wanted, no, we’re not trying to find someone to snare a ring on Anthony’s finger (although I’m sure there would be no shortage of offers on that one!) but the ring’s designer has contacted me (how I found out about the ring) asking if I know who the photographer of this photo is as they would like to contact them to get permission to use the image. If anyone can help, please can you let us know?

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